Campus Cutie: UCLA Bachelor Ariel Shafa

I feel like I should be writing Ariel Shafa's application for The Bachelorette because his answers for this interview were just that good. Shafa's bio on the show would be very intimidating, but to be honest, he really doesn't have time to be on a reality show. If Ariel isn't studying for a Psych test, he's acting as a board member of an amazing club to help provide meals to students in need. Keep scrolling if those few lines didn't win you over, but if you're like me, you're already sold.  

Her Campus: What advice would you give to students that are Pre-med and transfers? 

Ariel Shafa: Be active right away! Try to shadow, volunteer or get a research position early on during your time in UCLA. Also, get involved with organizations on campus that you can relate with. 

HC: Where do you see yourself in five years?

AS: Hopefully done with grad school and in a committed relationship. 

HC: What has been your biggest motivation in your academic journey, and how do you motivate yourself?

AS: I would say im pretty competitive person, so I always try to set deadlines for myself and compete with that deadline and try to get what I need to get done before that time. But I also motivate myself by thinking about the leisure time that I can have by finishing things early.

HC: What has been your favorite part of Swipe Out Hunger (SOH)? How can someone get involved?

AS: Getting to know all the amazing people that are a part of SOH and knowing that your efforts will make a difference for students on campus. SOH is a large family and really made me feel like I had a purpose on campus. 

Every tenth week we have a swipes drive outside the dining halls in which students can come and donate their unused meal swipes and turn them into meal vouchers for students that are food insecure. Another major event that we hold is Sandwiches for Smiles where students can stop by Bruin plaza and help make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that get distributed to food closets.

People can also apply to join Swipe Out Hunger next fall!

HC: What has been your favorite memory at UCLA?

AS: Probably the UCLA vs USC basketball game that happened last quarter. It was my first UCLA basketball game, and me and my best friends all went to the game and just had such a good time. And to top it all off, the game winner was absolutely nuts.

HC: If there was a movie made about you, who would you want to play you and why? 

AS: Chris Hemsworth. We are literally twins. LOL

HC: Who is your celebrity crush?

AS: Emilia Clarke—Mother of Dragons!!!

HC: What is your favorite restaurant? 

AS: Tel Aviv Grill. They have the best shawarma in town, and they give good sized portions for the price.

HC: Who are some influential women in your life?

AS: My mom and my twin sister.

My mom is a working mom and decided to pursue nursing when my sister and I were very young. She showed how strong women really are by taking care of a family, going to school and eventually having to work long hours while running a family too. 

My twin sister is just amazing. She’s classy, smart, focused and basically the better twin. She really keeps me grounded and keeps me in check like all the time. 

I honestly don’t know what I would do and be without them.

HC: Describe your perfect date.

AS: The perfect date would start off with sushi making. It gives you the chance to show your playful side and creative side all while getting to know more about the person. (Also who doesn’t like Sushi?!)

Then after some Sake Shots, go to a karaoke bar and just laugh the night away.