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Campus Cutie Snorre Handeland Gryte

Name: Snorre Handeland Gryte

Hometown: Stavanger, Norway

Degree: Engineering/Management


HC: Describe yourself in three words.

Snorre: Independent, adventurous, outgoing.


HC: Favorite hobbies?

Snorre: As a true European I like to bike a lot. I also work out but my real passion is hiking and the outdoors.


HC: What is your favorite memory or experience of California so far?

Snorre: The road trip I took with my friends. We drove around California and Nevada and just went from party to so it was pretty cool!


HC: What was the last thing that you listened to on your ipod?

Snorre: “Needy Girl” by Chromeo.


HC: Describe the qualities of your dream girl:

Snorre: Fun, pretty and open-minded.


HC: Norwegian food or American food?

Snorre: Norwegian food because it’s healthier!


HC: If you could snap your fingers and go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?

Snorre: I would probably go to the Austrian Alps and ski. The skiing powder in California isn’t as good.


HC: Do you miss the weather in Norway?

Snorre: I miss the cold, it’s too hot here! I miss skiing and being outside when it’s cold.


HC: Celebrity crush?

Snorre: I really want to have a song written about me, so Taylor Swift!


HC: But she’s so annoying!

Snorre: I know but I want a song to be written about me!


HC: Any plans for after graduation?

Snorre: I would love to travel more. The only continent I’ve never been to is Africa so I’d love to go there and visit exotic places.


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