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Campus Cutie: Loic Maxwell

Making the trek from your room to Rendezvous: 5 minutes

Ordering the sinfully delicious California Burrito: 1 swipe

Getting to see this week’s campus cutie: Priceless

Loïc Maxwell is a second-year electrical engineering student from Sunnyvale, California. When he’s not taking your late night orders, he’s diligently studying, hanging out with friends or his girlfriend, Uyen-ly.

HC: What’s your favorite thing to do in your hometown?

LM: The best thing to do in my hometown is either eat at one of the many, many restaurant options in the area or take a trip up to S.F. or in the nearby Santa Cruz mountains for some awesome viewpoints or outdoor adventures.

HC: What’s something you’re passionate about?

LM: I was first introduced to soccer when I was five years old, and I’ve been playing it ever since. Up until high school I would have most likely just called it a hobby or a sport I really enjoyed, but my freshman year I started to play more competitively, which actually made it more enjoyable. In high school I played two years of JV and two of varsity while I played club the rest of the time, and in college I’ve been trying to keep up by playing IMs whenever they’re offered by UCLA, whether it’s futsal or regular outdoor soccer.

HC: What do you consider your hobbies to be?

LM: I like football, Netflix, cooking/eating, and making Uyen-Ly happy.

HC: What is the best part about working in a dining hall?

LM: Some of my best times happen when I get super friendly students coming in. They’ll come in and we’ll  have a nice conversation, or when I’m having a bad day/messed up their order they say something encouraging or super nice. There are also the “regular customers” where we actually recognize each other, and for a couple of them we have our own inside jokes which is pretty cool. Another good thing about work are the managers, because they’ve always been super nice.

That’s all for this week’s Campus Cutie. Make Loïc’s day by talking to him! Ask him about the four countries he has citizenship in. 

Photos courtesy of Helen Zapata

Helen Zapata is a sophomore majoring in English at UCLA. Beyond writing she loves crafting, gardening, planning elaborate birthday parties and reading bad romance novels.
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