Campus Cutie: Hudson Bubba Southey-Gordon

Meet this week's Campus Cutie: Bubba Southey-Gordon! He’s a second-year film student from Toronto, Canada. He loves animated films (especially Pixar) and long walks on the beach set to "the Lion King" Soundtrack.


1.    What's your favorite thing about UCLA?

My favourite thing about UCLA is the sculpture garden. I spend way too much time there napping or just otherwise not being productive. Oh, and that wooden horse sculpture is just the best.


2.    What got you interested in film in the first place?

I first got interested in film because my school forced me to take a film class in middle school. I actually had no interest prior to that. For the class I had to make a short film, so I made it about two kids in middle school and one of the two asks the other's sister on a date. (Definitely wasn't projecting or anything...) I like to think I've improved a little bit from that though.


3.    What aspirations do you have for the future?

My dream job would be having my own animated children's show; something along the lines of Arthur or Dexter's Lab. I watched way too many cartoons growing up – and still do – so I would love to be able to pass that along to a new group of kids.


4.    Time to brag: what's the coolest thing about you?

I would probably say that I am a licensed paragliding pilot. It was something I had wanted to learn all my life and finally had the opportunity when I was a junior in high school. Since then I try to fly as much as possible but school makes it kind of hard unfortunately.


5.    If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go and why?

Iceland is #1 on my list of places to travel right now. I like to go to places that have good conditions for paragliding and Iceland is one of the top locations in the world. Also they have Puffins.


6.    What's your favorite joke?

Alright, my go to joke is pretty hit or miss, but I learned it when I was 5 so bear with me.


Q: Why are elephants big and grey?

A: Because if they were small and purple they would be grapes!