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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

If you’re anything like me, back-to-school season is a time for romanticization. It’s a time for well-earned lattes, new opportunities and most importantly, leveling up your fits. And what better way to do this than to consult the fashion connoisseurs? Here are some of my favorite Fall 2023 couture collections and how you can incorporate their trendy elements into your everyday looks. Whether you’re strutting through school corridors, heading to a corporate internship or just having a fashionable day out in your college town, this style guide will take you from “girl next door” to “runway-ready” in no time!

Jacquemus’s Fall ‘23 collection, “Le Chouchou” at the Palace of Versailles

Jacquemus’s stunning collection takes the cake this season! Its delicious combination of lace, tulle and bows draws inspiration from feminine royalty. The looks were even confirmed to be intentional nods to Marie Antoinette and Princess Diana. Hear ye, hear ye: princessy “balletcore” is walking onto the 21st-century scene, and you don’t want to miss this style renaissance! Take a look:

The French designer ingeniously starred white lace stockings and tights…and we’re obsessed. They’re just perfect for layering, and can instantly transform a simple oversized sweater look into a delicately captivating statement. And even better, the leg garments were worn with square-toed everything! Mary Janes, boots, ballet flats, you name it…they were all square-toed. We also saw an abundance of voluminous silhouettes and bulbous pieces, artfully alluding to the beauty of regal undergarments. Safe to say, these classy “coquette” looks had a major influence on my style inspo board this quarter:

Miu Miu’s Fall ‘23 collection, “Ways of Looking” at Palais d’Iéna

Miucccia Prada’s “Ways of Looking” was an absolute MUST to include in this article! The collection completely reimagined the relationship between thinking and seeing. Prada used unexpected proportions, overlaid and exposed garments and presented a runway characterized by the “curious quirky schoolgirl” who is at times put-together and at times disheveled (which I think we can all relate to). 

As an academia gal with beauty and brains, I’m LIVING for this “geek chic” representation. The floral embroideries and cardigans showcased would go perfectly with a little tote bag and a trip to the farmer’s market. And that overlaid sheer black tights + large brown coat + grey zip-up combo is going to be a go-to styling staple. But the Italian designer’s sheer dress and slingback heel look is the one I’m personally fixated on! It’s giving date night in your 20’s, it’s giving metropolitan internship, it’s giving dinner with your sorority sisters… 

Oh, and fun fact: Alix Earle just wore these slingback heels to Paris Fashion Week, so they’re definitely in!

Marc Jacobs’s Fall ‘23 Runway at the New York Library

This collection is the epitome of Fall ‘23 fashion trends. You’ve got the sheer white blouses, the bubble silhouettes, metallic fabrics, pops of cherry red and sheer black tights. In university language, this one’s the crash course! But don’t get me wrong, there’s something very revolutionary here. Notice anything interesting?

Every. Single. Shoe. Is a pointed ballet flat. Why is this odd? Marc Jacobs has long been known for their chunky platforms, bold and distinctive. Naturally, we all gasped when models rushed out in discreet footwear. So set those beloved chunky loafers on the bench this season; flat loafers and slippers are back in the game. Because if Marc Jacobs says socks and flats are in, then socks and flats are in! Pinterest board: updated.

Selena is a senior at UCLA double majoring in English and Psychology, double minoring in Creative Writing and Food Studies. She is an aspiring novelist and poet who believes in the power of storytelling and can turn any minute situation into a dramatic narrative. She loves scoping out new coffee shops, reading feminist literature, analyzing song lyrics, and creating mood boards.