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Campus Celebrity: Kirsten Fargas

This week’s Campus Celebrity is Kirsten Fargas – who happens to be one of my best friends and role models!

Q:First things first, what are the most important thing we need to know about your personality?A: Well, something that people notice about me right off the bat is that I’m pretty outgoing and fun. I love talking to and just being around people. I get addicted to TV shows really easily. (I literally spent days watching Misfits when I first heard about it.) But that doesn’t mean I spend my life on a couch! I’m also really passionate about what I the work I do for my community, which is why I decided to run for Kabalikat Kore coordinator.

Q:What is Kabalikat and when did you first become involved with? How do you feel Kabalikat inspires its members on campus?A: Speaking of which! Kabalikat is the Gender & Sexuality component of Samahang Pilipino, the Filipino org. on campus. It makes sure that Queer voices are heard within the org. I first got involved my second year of college when I really came out of the closet. Even though I never said I was gay the first few weeks I attended meetings, by the time I figured I was ready to come out, I knew that KK was the space that I trusted and could let in. I think even if some members or potential members don’t want to come and learn about queer theory or new vocab. words, I hope that KK can be the space that it was for me. I want to make sure that anyone who knows about KK knows that we’re not here to regurgitate the “queer bible,” but rather to give people a space where they know they can be themselves and be comfortable. I know that I’ve seen this in some of the members; they come from all different parts of campus to this space and I know it isn’t always to hear me blather on about whatever the topic of the week is.

Q:If you could be one Disney Princess, which one would it be and why? (I double check my Princess via a Buzzfeed quiz so feel free to do the same!)A: Tough question! I feel like more recently, I’d go with Rapunzel (Can you check if this is her name?!?!?!) from Tangled, just because I cut my hair fairly drastically recently. I’m at the phase after the haircut where I feel like I regret cutting it so short!

Q: What do you do to let off steam and relax? Because let’s be real, this quarter system life is not a joke!A: Usually, if I’m stressed, I’ll take a drive somewhere, but often times I find myself at Disneyland! It’s such a great stress reliever, I feel like I really forget about all my problems there!

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