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Campus Celeb- Jeff Rosenberg


Name: Jeffrey Rosenberg

3rd Year

Major: Business Economics major with a Theater minor

When looking for this week’s Campus Celebrity I realized I had to look no further than right across my hallway to find my funny, talented and very adorable roommate Jeffrey Rosenberg, a New York Native that lacks the east coast attitude. The only thing I don’t like about having Jeff as a roommate is that he is never home because he is so involved at UCLA. Jeffrey commits a lot of his time to Hooligan Theater and to UCLA’s Beta Theta Pi. Jeff is the Director of Special Events for Hooligan and has been involved in (almost) every production since he joined Hooligan his freshman year. Currently Jeff and many other Hooligans have been rehearsing for their next big production- Spring Sing! This is the first time a non-Greek student group has participated in the Production category so DG & PiKapp and ADPi & Theta Xi should be ready for some fierce competition. Despite Jeff being so busy I was able to snag a quick interview over dinner (did I mention Jeff has a mean arm ladies?) Here’s what my incredibly smart, charming and available roommate had to say:


What has been your favorite Production you have done with Hooligan Theater Company? “I had a lot of fun doing IRL (In Real Life), a rock musical about internet memes and video games. It was an original piece written by a PhD student at UCLA and a Sony Pictures Executive.”


What has been your most embarrassing On-Stage moment? “It would probably have to be during Seussical when I jumped off a platform and broke my toe on stage.” (Ouch!)


What are you most looking forward to senior year? “Relaxing, finishing up school, getting a good job and enjoying the last year of college, oh, and a lot of trips to Vegas.”


If you could give incoming Freshmen one piece of advice what would it be? “Take your time.”


What are the top 3 things you look for in a girl? “Intelligence, a good smile and a sense of humor.”


What music are you into right now? “Kaskade and Iration” (Did I also mention Jeff loves singing in the shower?)


What are your Summer plans? “Vegas for my 21st, chilling and my internship in compensation analysis at Oakwood as of now. Hopefully that’ll change in the nect three days”


What do you miss most about New York? “The pizza.” (Typical.)








Hayley. 20. UCLA. Junior. San Diego.
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