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Bored In The House: How to Change Up Your Routine While You Are Stuck at Home

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

While we are stuck at home and unable to see anyone besides our families, it can become increasingly difficult and irritating to do and see the same things every day. It is hard to keep up a positive attitude when nothing in your life seems certain and when you do not know when things will get better. The most we can do while stuck in quarantine is to accept these uncertainties and make do with what we have. Bringing some change into your quarantined life – even a small one – can have a huge impact on your mood and attitude. Change up the mundane routine that you currently have going for you. Some of the big things that you use or encounter every day while you are at home are your room, phone, laptop, kitchen and bathroom.

Yasmine Boheas
Yasmine Boheas / Unsplash

Look around your room. What can you change? Even changing where your bed is located or changing up your bedsheets can make you feel refreshed. If you want to change the room on a bigger scale, you can paint it a different color. Some color suggestions to boost your mood are green, blue, white and orange. Also, instead of buying new things, changing up the layout of your room or redecorating your room with things lying around the house saves money while making your space feel brand new.

Using your phone and laptop as often as we all do, your mood can become more and more negative when you’re constantly being bombarded with depressing information through the news and social media. Plus, you are constantly absorbing blue light. Log off of your social media platforms for at least a few hours to let your mind rest. If you cannot stand being away from your phone, then just take some time away from social media. Download some fun free games to play. Spend some time going through your photos, and delete repeats or unnecessary photos to clean your photo storage.

During a time when it is difficult to go out to eat or when it is a bit sketchy to order delivery food, it is possible that you may skip out on eating meals altogether. However, your body and mind are connected, and if you do not feed your body properly and fill it with all the necessary nutrients, you might become easily irritated and cranky. Needless to say, it is important to take the time during the quarantine to prioritize eating and cooking. Before you do that though, set yourself up for success by changing/cleaning up the kitchen for maximal use.

a woman stands over the stove cutting an herb out of a pot on the window sill with a pair of scissors. there are pans of pasta stirfry on the burner.
Tina Dawson | Unsplash
Make sure that all of the dishes are washed and stowed away. Get rid of kitchen supplies that you have not touched or used in the past five years. Scrub off any mold that may have potentially grown in the overlooked corners of your kitchen. Clean out expired foods, and use all the ingredients that may go bad soon. Changing your kitchen to make it more efficient will make it exponentially easier to actually cook and eat some mood-boosting, filling foods. Plus, it will make everyone else who lives and uses that space in your home very happy.

Another major space in your house is your bathroom. This room, although not as fun and fancy, is an important one because you have to use it at least a few times every day. The good thing about cleaning your bathroom is that not only will it leave you and your family/roommates feeling happy, but it is a necessary chore that should inevitably happen every so often. Yes, it is tiring and time-consuming, but future you will be thanking present you for having a clean bathtub that you can use without worrying about any grime or mold. Scrub your toilet, sink area, and bathtub, replace old toothbrushes and loofahs, and replenish the extra toilet paper. After you deep clean and stock up your bathroom, you can even take first dibs on the clean space and reward yourself with a nice, relaxing bubble bath!

Changing your environment and the things you use in your daily life is important. These changes can make you feel happier because they give you a sense of control and a bit of certainty. If you are feeling down, try out some of these changes that can lead to an increase in productivity and control during this time. As always, be reasonable while making these changes, and do these things from the safety of your own homes!

Lauren is a fourth-year Psychology major with a minor in Asian Languages at UCLA from Studio City, California. In addition to writing as a feature writer for Her Campus at UCLA, she loves reading for leisure, playing with her dogs, and watching The Office.
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