'Blockers' Creators Talk Embarrassing Prom Nights at Westwood Premiere

On Tuesday, April 3 Her Campus staffers Alyssa Bonchick and Sarina Wang covered the red carpet for the Blockers movie premiere at Fox Village Theater in Westwood. Blockers is about a group of parents that try to stop their kids from having sex on prom night and stars John Cena, Leslie Mann and Ike Barinholtz. We had the opportunity to speak with a few people on the cast as well as a few people on the producing team.

Brian and Jim Kehoe, the writers of the play, shared their own proms stories and the inspiration for this movie. They both had babies at the same time and would give each other crap about how Jim got no sleep. Jim says, “I would say, 'I can’t wait 'til your daughter starts dating' and that was the inspiration for that. He’s very overprotective and we just thought that would be a great setup for a movie like this because he would do this.”

As for Ramona Young, she plays Angelica, who is a little mysterious and magical. Ramona claims, “I would be completely embarrassed. I would run and hide” if her parents crashed her own prom.

Actress Gideon Adlon plays Sam, a young high school girl, in the movie. She was very excited to hear that Her Campus was representing women all over the country. When asked what advice she would give to college women, Gideon said, “Make your own choices for your own body. Don’t ever think that any man has any power over you sexually, mentally, anything. Just know you can make your own choice and don’t fall into peer pressure just because you feel bad."

Alyson Stoner at the Blockers premiere in Westwood

Check out NBCUniversal's Blockers in Theaters Friday, April 6 and watch our full Facebook livestream of the Blockers red carpet.