Beyonce Is Blessing Us With A Documentary On Netflix

More than just a show, Beyonce’s highly anticipated documentary, Homecoming, will give us an in-depth look into her 2018 Coachella Performance—from beginning to end. So much of this particular performance was iconic, and it was definitely one for the books. As the first black woman to headline Coachella, this is also her first collaboration with Netflix. If you didn’t already know, Beyonce was supposed to perform at Coachella the year before, but she had to cancel because of her pregnancy. This performance was symbolic as it was her comeback act since the birth of her twins, Rumi and Sir. 

(Image Source: Beyonce's Instagram)

Beyonce is considered a relatively private person, but be pumped because we get to see the likes of daughter Blue Ivy, along with behind the scene rehearsals and even personal advice given by the queen herself. Homecoming is set to be released on April 17th, on Netflix—so buckle up! Netflix describes the documentary as, "[t]his intimate, in-depth look at Beyoncé's celebrated 2018 Coachella performance reveals the emotional road from creative concept to cultural movement."

Coachella 2018 was not Beychella for no reason. 

Let the trailer speak for itself here:

I’m personally so excited to see this documentary because I was lucky enough to witness the majestic performance in real life. Seeing Queen B in person literally took my breath away, and having her have a Destiny’s Child reunion is an experience that can never be replaced—and one that may very well be once in a lifetime.