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Being Excited for Break but Terrified for Finals as Shown by “The Office”

Your feelings are just so conflicted. You want time to speed up so you can go home, but you also need it to slow down because you are NOT ready for finals.


This is pretty much you.


So you decide to buckle down and start studying.


But your classes are too hard and you need to go to office hours.


Then your friends from home start sending you Snapchats with your other friends and you get jealous of semester schools.


But thinking about being reunited with family and friends has you so excited!


All of the sudden you have finals in a few days and come to a horrible realization…



You finally finish your finals and feel like this:


Leaving the dorms, people watch you because you look like this but you don’t even care.


And you finally get to be home for the holidays… JUMP FOR JOY! 



GIFs courtesy of www.giphy.com 

Julie is a second-year undergraduate student at UCLA. Her passions include tennis, (watching) ice hockey, eating far too many delicious foods, dancing around like an idiot with her friends, and being overly sassy. She aspires to work in pretty much any realm of sports.
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