Bailee Madison, Lizzy Greene & More Show Their Support On the WE Day Red Carpet

Her Campus got the special opportunity to attend WE Day 2018 at the Forum in Los Angeles. We had the chance to interview celebs and some special WE Day kids and ask them about we day and why it is so inspirational.

After the whole carpet got to enjoy a performance by the Kenyan Boys Choir, the WE Day celebs began to make their way down. We started off  by asking Lizzy Greene, How she felt about WE Day and the why it is important, “I love that we're making change and little by little we're making this brand and company more well known and I feel that the more we make it known the more people are gonna take action and become apart of WE and live WE.”

Bailee Madison also spoke out on why she loves the WE Day movement and why she believes the day is so significant. “I’m so excited to celebrate the kids that are about to fill this WE day. It’s going to be such an empowering day. My favorite part is genuinely the fact that we are able to celebrate these kids and what they're doing. I have always said since I was younger that you are never too young to make a difference and I really believe that that is true. So today it’s all for them. This carpet is really just to raise awareness for the kids who are doing the real work inside.”

As it got closer to showtime, we also spoke to Jojo Siwa who shared her thoughts and feelings about WE Day. “I think it's something that really focuses on my generation and us changing the world and I think that’s something that’s really really cool about this event. It’s saying that we really can make a difference.”

One of the most important interviews we got to do was with a group of four kids who had earned their way into the WE Day event! We asked them, how they felt about the amazing work they had done to earn their way into WE Day. They each shared a little bit about the importance of helping even in the smallest way.  “The small thing that we did makes a big impact “ one student said when we asked about their work. Another said, “When you help someone you feel happy because you helped them and that makes them happy.” Seeing just how happy each of these students felt when we asked about their work was so inspirational. There shared with us that, “Just seeing someone else smile is just the best feeling ever.” These students are prime examples of what it meant to be part of generation WE.

WE Day is an amazing way to include this generation of kids in the changing of their cities and the World. These celebrities made it clear that this was all about the kids. In the best way the kids have showed celebrities how powerful they are. The WE Day carpet was a way for celebrities to show their support for the amazing kids working to better their future.