ALI & JAY Grand Opening Hosted by Amanda Stanton from "The Bachelor"

This week, we attended the store opening of Ali & Jay at Westfield Century City, an LA-inspired brand for the ultimate cool in California-chic. We got the vibes right as we walked in: the entrance dazzled with bright lights and balloons, and once inside, there were racks on racks of cute clothes, fun goodies, and charming decorations. 

The aesthetics were on point and absolutely gorgeous, but I was most impressed by the vibrant colors. The bright pinks were mixed with warm oranges and hints of black and burgundy. The combination gave the store a fresh, unique feel that gave me major inspiration.

Of course, we couldn't help trying some of the outfits that were on display. I fell in love with this romper and ended up making my first purchase at the store! Beyond the beautiful pattern, it was the quality of the brand that really made it stand out to me. 

Amanda Stanton, fashionista, blogger and devoted mama of two, made an appearance during the night. The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise star was beautiful and so sweet—she didn't hesitate to take a few photos with us in the photo booth!

The first 50 guests were given gift bags including a notebook set from Sonix, a notepad from Jaggar, hair ties from Glam Squad, and candy from Sugarfina. So cute!

But what I really love about this brand is the message they promote of female empowerment. Established by women, Ali & Jay seeks to inspire girls, encouraging us to be courageous and not let anything hold us down. Why? Well, simply put, "Because We Can." Congratulations on your opening! You definitely have one returning customer in me.

Photo Courtesy of Renée Lee