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Aging Is A Privilege: Women In My Life Who Make Me Excited To Get Older 

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

I leaned over pink sugary frosting as “Happy Birthday” echoed, I exhaled, and the smoke swirled around the candles. I left my teenage years documented in diaries stacked in my closet and entered my 20s! It’s bizarre to  feel myself getting excited about “adult things” like moving into an apartment with a dishwasher or actually setting up Ikea furniture by myself. Although the new is exciting, getting older can also be a little scary. 

Around my birthday I find myself listening to Phoebe Bridgers and feeling the sting of time passing. If you’re also one of these girls who might feel slightly overwhelmed as we enter a new decade of our lives together, know you aren’t alone and we have so much to look forward to! Here’s a reminder from the vibrant women in my life that aging is a privilege. I look forward to being more like these women as I grow older. Whether it’s moving to Spain, writing a cookbook, or running a farm in Hawaii, it’s always reassuring to know there isn’t any set timeline to achieving your dreams. 

I hope that when I’m older, I have a spark of adventure like Julie. Julie recently moved from San Francisco to Spain and is celebrating her 60th birthday this year in a chateau in the South of France. I mean, how cool is that? With framed photos of Italy, Switzerland, and Turkey, exploring the world never truly ended for her. Her words of advice are to take risks and surprise yourself.

“By myself, I have moved to Chiocago, New York, the Dominican Republic, and now I live in Spain. Moving, adjusting, and making new friends in a new city is scary. I grew and learned so much in each adventure. Your risk taking does not have to be dramatic; it could be taking salsa classes, hosting a dinner party, or going down a difficult ski run.” 

I hope that when I’m older, I have my mothers dedication. Last year, my mom bought a farm on the North Shore of Hawaii and is now running an apiary with over 85 hives and 100 fruit trees! She has a collection of well loved surfboards next to her tractor and is constantly in the jungle or the ocean. She notes, “I’m a brand new 53-year-old, everyday and every stage is a new and exciting beginning. Knowing that some of my best days are ahead is a beautiful, beautiful truth.”

Truly, no one’s style compares to Nancy’s. The ever fashionable thrifting queen, Nancy is a good family friend whose collection has taken decades to build. On each shelf of her closet are Prada sunglasses, Dior bags, and silk scarves, most of which are second hand. 

As I run my fingers along a fur coat, I am reminded of her pieces of sage advice: “personal style evolves as one ages” and “if you build a collection over the years of clothes that are timeless, you’ll never look trendy.” Lastly, when it comes to getting to know yourself better, she says, “learn how to put love into everything you do. Everything!”

I hope that when I’m older, I follow my passions like Florencia. In 2017 Florencia published her triumph, Eat Less Water, and her next book, The Kitchen Activist, will be out in the spring of 2025. As someone who has always wanted to publish a book, I admire how she dove into this project headfirst. “As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten better at manifesting what I want. It’s a clarity that is gained through experience. Every job, relationship, experience, gives me more understanding of what I want and don’t want.” 

“My first book wasn’t published until my 40s. The second, when I’m 50. As I’ve learned, if you combine passion with clarity and throw in tenacity, you can achieve anything your heart desires.” Overall, we have a tremendous amount to look forward to. So, here’s to a new decade!

Eden is a third year communications major at UCLA, from Haleiwa, Hawaii. She loves throwing herself into creative projects, whether that's upcycling thrift store finds or doodling in her sketchbook. You can find her exploring new bookstores and rolling out a yoga mat in her free time.