ABC's New Show 'Deception' Uses Magic To Solve FBI Crimes

Warning: this article contains spoilers

ABC’s newest TV show called Deception premiered on March 11, and it's already becoming a rising show to keep your eyes on. Created by Chris Fedak, in association with Warner Bros. Television, the crime drama takes advantage of the backdrop of New York City as a group of magicians and FBI agents work to fight crime.

The show stars Jack Cutmore-Scott, who plays the world-renowned Las Vegas illusionist Cameron Black, a good-looking and cunning magician. After a scandal ruins his career and residency in Las Vegas, Cameron Black joins the FBI to use his illusionist techniques and abilities to help solve crimes.

In the pilot of the show, we find out that Cameron has accomplished many of his illusions with the help of his secret twin brother. After his secret twin brother is framed for murder and put in jail, Cameron spends the year in search of the real culprit - but keeps facing dead ends. One day, he sees a news report about a plane that has been blown up and realizes that the crime scene is really an illusion. When Cameron arrives at the crime scene, he meets FBI Agent Kay Daniels, played by lfenesh Hadera. 

Cameron is insistent on lending a helping hand to explain how the plane explosion was really an illusion that conceals the escape of a highly wanted drug cartel. Once Cameron proves his abilities by using illusions of his own to solve his first FBI crime, it is ultimately revealed that the person behind the crime was the same girl who framed his brother for murder. Cameron Black, now proving his way to work for the FBI, will continue to encounter and solve various crimes throughout the season by mainly using magic. But will Cameron and FBI Agent Kay Daniels end up finding romance together? Will Cameron be able to solve who framed his brother for murder?

I know I'll be watching Deception every Sunday to find out.