9 Times Doug the Pug Was You During Finals

1. When you're in denial about having to start studying

2. When you claim you can't study in a messy work space (and proceed to spend all night deep cleaning your entire apartment)

3. When late-night cravings start kicking in

4. When you "need something sweet to balance out the savory"

5. When you think about how all your semester friends are going home for the summer and you're still taking midterms

6. When you actually start to study

7. When you wake up the morning of the test after sleeping for (what feels like) .3 hours

8. When you look at the first question on your test and have no idea how to do it, so you skip ahead to the next one and you don't know that one either

9. When you're finally free!!

Good luck with midterms Bruins!

All photos taken from @ItsDougthePug on Instagram