9 Things To Do In LA With Your Best Friends

Los Angeles is known for being a city full of things to do—there is always somewhere new to explore, and you never truly get bored. When it comes to time with your friends, LA is the perfect place to enjoy each other and do a plethora of fun things. Here are 9 of my favorite things to do with friends in LA:  

1. Shopping

LA has some of the most famous shopping spots recognizable to many people. The Grove and The Americana are two of the most popular places to enhance your fashion and shopping experience. Being on Rodeo Drive really brings out your inner Pretty Woman, and who wouldn't want that! 

2. Sporting Event

With popular teams in many sports, going to a sporting event in LA is a must. Spending time with your friends in an arena full of die hard LA fans is an experience unlike any other. Whether you are a sports fan or not, a Dodger or Laker game is part of the LA experience. 

3. Amusement Park

It is safe to say that the Los Angeles area is filled with amusement parks for people of all thrill levels. Whether you and your friends go to Six Flags for the big rides or Universal for the Harry Potter experience, LA has a place for everyone!

4. The Beach

LA has pretty consistent beach weather, making it a must for friend dates. You can lay out all day and get plenty of instagram worthy pics at some of the most popular beaches around. Get your girls, and check out Malibu, Venice, or any of the beaches on the PCH.

5. Photo Shoot

Speaking of Instagram, there are places all over LA known for being featured on many instagram pages. "The pink wall" and the "Made in LA wall" are just two places crawling with people taking AMAZING pics. Find your friend with the best camera, and tour LA by checking out photo hot spots.

6. Zoo Trip

Who doesn't love animals? Whether you visit the famous Los Angeles Zoo or are brave enough to find the Abandoned Zoo at night (there are no animals there), it is a fun and relaxing thing to do with your friends when you want to have a chill day exploring LA. 


Finding places to eat in LA is never hard, but there are so many places to go that it can be hard to decide where. Take your friends on an all day eating spree! Find a popular place to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner (or even all three). Gather your friends to check some places off of your must-try list.

8. Educate Yourself

Whether you go to the famous Last Book Store, or to the Getty Museum, taking your friends along makes learning even more fun. These are just two amazing places to expand your knowledge. Discovering art and literature, as well as seeing what makes these places special, is what exploring LA is all about. 

9. Be a Tourist

A must in LA is seeing places like the Hollywood Walk of Fame—you can go see N'Sync's new star, or visit the wax museum! People come from all over the world to see these known places, and even if you live or grew up in LA, seeing it all makes you realize just how special this city is. And on top of that, you get to bring your best friends along to share it with you!