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9 Reasons Why I Love My Long Distance Relationship

Most people have the stereotypical ideology that long distance relationships, especially in college, are extremely hard to maintain. Most people seem to think that the distance is too hard to handle. I am here to say I strongly disagree. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world because through it I have made a best friend and unbelievable connection, even if that person may be across the country. I love every part of my long distance relationship, and believe that it has made my relationship stronger. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Communication becomes so much stronger

Communication is a key factor in a long distance relationship. After having lots of practice talking on the phone and through FaceTime, I have learned how to express my own feelings and better listen to others. Phone calls and FaceTime’s seem to be never ending. Every little occurrence in a normal day is something to exciting to talk abou

2. You learn to think about the little things

Whenever I am thinking of my boyfriend I love to send food, cookies, cupcakes, and different care packages. It really shows me that even the smallest things can make him smile, and I love how such a small gesture gets such an amazing reaction.

3. Time becomes so important

The time apart makes our time together so much more special. Even though the time goes by so quickly, every single second is something I cherish and I am always smiling every minute we are together.

4. Petty fights never exist

If we only have 30 minutes or an hour to talk every day, it is always spent smiling, talking, and making each other laugh instead of fighting over things that won’t matter tomorrow.

5. I always have someone to call

I know that my boyfriend is always there for me in any way possible. Whenever I need him he is there, and just a phone call away. Dating my best friend is amazing because he knows everything about me, and always gives me the best advice and support through the ups and downs.

6. When we see each other it is always amazing

Each time we get to see each other is always another unforgettable adventure. With such a long wait and so little time, every second is amazing. The little things like grocery shopping, walking around, and hanging out are so special to experience together even though they just may be everyday experiences for someone else.

7. I always have something to look forward to

Even though goodbyes seem to be the hardest part, I am always ready to count down to our next reunion. It is always sad to leave because the time goes by so fast, but I know I have so many more amazing weekends and experiences to look forward to. All of the pictures and memories from each visit play back in my head until we are able to see each other again.

8. I get to explore new places

Booking flights, drives to the airport, and flights become something exciting. I am able to experience so many new places and experiences, while at the same time being together. No matter where it is, when I am with my favorite person I always feel at home.

9. The distance won’t necessarily last forever

The future seems to become more exciting than scary. If it is meant to last, all of the distance and hard work put into a long distance relationship is all worth it so one day that distance may no longer exist. The days spent apart will be worth it.

I really do love every part of my long-distance relationship. I am able to have a best friend that I know is there for me in every possible way, even if it is from across the country. I am so proud of our connection, and the distance only proves to me even more that I have found my person. 

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