9 Products That Will Help You Beat The Summer Heat

With the summer heat beating down hard, the sun will likely give you an amazing tan and the beach may give you luscious hair waves. But being out under the sun can also do some serious damage to your skin and hair. Take advantage of these 9 affordable and amazing products to enjoy the heat. Get that summer glow while still protecting your skin and hair!

  1. This all-in-1 product removes makeup, cleans and freshens up your face, lips and eyes. Using Micellar technology, the micelles capture dirt, oil and makeup like a magnet. After coming back from a day or night out during the summer, this product can be used to refresh your face and take off your makeup from the day. I even use it in the mornings to refresh my face instead of my face wash because it is not as harsh on my skin. With no oil, alcohol and fragrance, nor any need for harsh rubbing, this product is perfect for sensitive skin types. 

  2. This Bliss Green Tea mask, with a bright green color and glittery tint, is an overnight sleep mask that helps reset any troubled skin’s natural balance and visibly tight pores. The Azelaic acid and green tea mixture absorbs excess oil that you may have built up during the day in the summer heat. I put a thin layer of this product on before going to sleep twice a week and it really helps my skin look shine-free after a day in the heat. 

  3. This serum is by far the cheapest and best serum I have used. I apply two drops to my entire face at night after cleaning and moisturizing. This product specifically targets surface hydration, fine lines, wrinkles and textural irregularities. After all the sun I get on my face during the summer, this product definitely protects my face from forming wrinkles and lines.

  4. This is one of my favorite face masks to use because it is plant based, animal cruelty free and free of sulphates, artificial colors, dyes and fragrances. This mask is perfect for after-sun care throughout the summer or even a long day at the office as it cools you off using organic Peppermint water, Aloe Vera and Seaweed extract. I guarantee it will leave you feeling refreshed.

  5. This conditioner is perfect to use after a long day at the beach or pool as it is a deep conditioning treatment with sunflower oils to nourish your hair more than any normal conditioner. When I shower I leave the product in for 1 minute before rinsing it out to feel my hair more nourished and smooth after all the chlorine and salt water.

  6. This is my go-to daily face wash. I wash my face with this foaming soap at night to help clean and prevent acne from all the sweat and dirt that has built up on my face.

  7. Even in the humid summer, my face still gets dry patches from makeup and needs extra nourishment. With no artificial colors, fragrances, mineral oil or sulfatesm this product is again great for my sensitive skin. It restores moisture by using lanolin that mimics human skin lipids. With vitamin E for antioxidants and environmental protection, this is the perfect day cream that does not feel too think but also keeps enough moisture in my skin. I often pair this with the Lano Lemonade Lip Treatment which has a nice, lemon scent and leaves my lips soft and moist. The lemon flavor is perfect for summer and it reminds me of fresh lemonade.

  8. This is another hair care product that is perfect to use after any exposure to the harsh sun, sand and salt. This recovery hair mask, enriched with coconut water, has a floral fragrance that reminds me of summer. After shampooing, I keep this product on for 5 minutes to nourish and revitalize my hair after a long day at the pool or beach. I also use the beach bi-phase oil mist from the same collection for an out of the beach look without the harm of salt-water. The next day I can keep my beachy and curly-hair look but moisturized and soft.

  9. This exfoliator noticeably and immediately removes dead skin cells from your face and body. When I feel dry or dead skin on my face from overusing makeup during the summer, I gently rub this product onto my damp face and watch my dead skin come off immediately. This product leaves my skin feeling smooth.

With these hair and skin care products, you will keep glowing throughout the summer heat.