9 Local Things To Do for Fun This Summer

You may not be planning on a long vacation this summer, and maybe you’ll be swept up in summer school and internships and only have time for a few relaxing activities here and there. Or you’re just looking for some mini activities to relax this summer. Whatever the case may be, summer is a prime time to be relaxing and having fun with your friends. Even if you can’t go on a road trip or a month-long vacation, you can still make these small, local excursions and have fun in the summer.

1. Bowling

Bowling is a super fun activity to do with your friends! You shouldn't have to travel too far to find a nice place to go bowling, and it’s a great way to spend your time!

2. Biking at the Beach

If you love summer weather and can’t wait to spend some time at the beach, consider biking while you're there! Not only is it great exercise, it will be a fun way to get some sight-seeing done as well.

3. Getting Froyo or Ice Cream

What better way to combat the sticky hot summer weather than with some sticky desserts? Drop by the nearest frozen yogurt or ice cream shop with your friends!

4. Ice Skating

If the heat is not for you, try going ice skating. Even if you’re not an experienced ice skater, clinging to the railing and laughing about your clumsiness with your friends will be a great way to spend a summer day.

5. Shopping

Are you hoping to find some new outfits for summer? Or maybe some sales have caught your eye? Even if you’re not taking a long trip, you can still have fun with your friends by going shopping and spending the day at a mall.

6. Amusement Parks

Not going on a summer trip or vacation doesn’t mean you can’t have an exhilarating and fun summer, so plan your latest amusement park trip with your friends. Plus, colleges offer discounts on some amusement park tickets, so be sure to keep that in mind!

7. Museums

Hoping to infuse some more art and culture into your life? With all there is to do at museums, it would certainly be an interesting and knowledgeable way to spend your summer.

8. Fruit Picking

Summer means it’s prime harvesting season for fruits like cherries and strawberries! Find a local farm that allows people to come in and pick their fruits. Not only is this a fun thing to do, you’ll also be able to eat yummy fruit afterwards! 

9. Arcade

You can also spend the day at an arcade with your friends! You’ll get the thrill and the fun, but you can stay cool inside with the AC. It’s a win-win!


Summer is a chance for you to relax after spending so much time cooped up studying. Even if you’re not able to go on a vacation, you can still have fun with these 9 local excursions!