Kayla Bacon-Girls With Beanies

8 Middle School Trends From 2012 That You've Totally Forgotten About

How do you look back at your old middle school photos? Do you remember them fondly or do you cringe at the sight of your swoop bangs and huge cat eye? Personally, when i look back at the lopsided peace signs and DIY fringe cut t-shirts, I want to disappear and thank God that I went through the necessary stages of "glowing up." Middle-schoolers of today will never know what it was like trading silly bandz and either religiously stan MagCon YouTubers or go through an emo Tumblr phase.

Looking back at these long forgotten trends, I hope they allow you relive an either morbidly embarrasing or nostalgic simpler time.

  1. 1. Distressed Shorts and American Flags

    I blame it on Bonnie Mckee and Demi Lovato constantly singing songs about "Making it in America."

  2. 2. "I Heart Boobies" Bracelets

    Anyone know if the sale of these bracelets actually funded research on breast cancer?

  3. 3. Feather Hair Extensions

    Oof, I'm not saying it's problematic, but it sounds problematic.

  4. 4. Puffy Paint Decorated T-Shirts

    I mean, how else were you supposed to commemerate the 1D concert or an especially fun sleepover?

  5. 5. DIY Galaxy Everything

    I'll never forget some of you rocking galaxy printed leggings.

  6. 6. Crackled Nail Polish

    The way I wanted crackled nails more than anything.

  7. 7. Silly Bandz

    My Justin Bieber Silly Bandz were everything. Remember the rumor that these were made out of used condoms? It's so funny to look back on especially since none of us knew what condoms even were.

  8. 8. Snapback Hats

    The way I thought wearing snapbacks made me Y/N: edgy, different and not like the other girls.

These trends bring back such nostalgia- we can't wait to see what other trends emerge in the future!