8 Fun Dates in Westwood Every Freshman Should Try

 Got a hot date this Thursday night, but not sure where to go? Her Campus has your back. Here are 8 fun dates right in Westwood, no car required.

1. The Improv Space

The Improv Space hosts free stand-up comedy shows Thursday nights. Not only is admission free, but so is the beer and popcorn! Plus a lot of the comedians are UCLA students. 

2. Espresso Profeta

Espresso Profeta is a highly recommended coffeehouse by many UCLA students. This is great casual and pressure-free first date for someone you met through Tinder or are just starting to get to know.

3. Movie Night

The Regency Village Theatre, iPic Theaters and Crest Westwood are all good movie theaters in Westwood. Who doesn’t love going to the movies? Plus, if it turns out that you're not that into your date, you can indulge in popcorn and a slurpee instead.

4. Tomodachi Sushi

You can never go wrong with a sushi date—that is, of course, if your date is a fan of sushi. Just listen to what Drake has to say about sushi dates in his song “HYR.”

5. Napa Valley Grill

If you’re challenging Iggy Azalea and feeling fancy, Napa Valley Grill is the perfect date for you. It has a great bar, so if you're nervous you can get a drink to take the edge off.  

6. Skylight Gardens

Pasta makes everyone’s heart happy, and Skylight Gardens has great Italian food. This is a date the two of you will be sure to enjoy.

7. Barney’s Beanery

Barney’s Beanery is a fun late night date. It's a great bar scene with karaoke, yet at the same time it's not too loud to talk. 

8. Diddy Riese

You can never go wrong with $2 ice cream sandwiches

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