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7 Ways To Fight Laziness

College is full of work and deadlines, but we all experience a greater connection to our beds and Netflix than to schoolwork and “adulting”. Laziness can be handled in a lot of different ways. The following tips are all ones that work for me as a way to overcome the insane laziness we can all relate to.

1. Set goals for EVERYTHING

Goals for getting an assignment done, goals for getting out of bed on time, goals for studying longer than usual. Setting goals for everything creates a rewarded mindset. Reward yourself for achieving things you have issues completing.

2. Cheat your schedule

Set all assignment due at an earlier time than they are. Though this does not fight your laziness, it insures that you will have completed things on time no matter what.

3. Don’t work in bed

You are at your laziest in bed, so getting stuff done there makes it much harder to be totally focused. Your bed should be a place of relaxation and you must separate it from your work time. 

4. Use others to motivate you

Being lazy is something everyone experiences in different ways, so using others to motivate you to get stuff done can push you towards success. With that being said, use another person as motivation and not as a distraction. If it gets to that point, you must attempt a different tactic to fight all those lazy feelings.

5. Practice fighting procrastination

A big part of being lazy is procrastination. Pushing things to the last minute is obviously bad, but everyone does it. Slowly implicating earlier deadlines will create a routine and change your habit of waiting until the last minute.

6. Eliminate unrealistic expectations

It is not likely for you to get all of your stuff done in one sitting. Being lazy and needing to complete a lot of things creates unattainable goals. Be realistic and you will find yourself being less lazy and still on top of your stuff without getting overwhelmed.

7. Focus on the rewards and work on the task at hand

Everything you have to get done leads to rewards. If you are too lazy to clean your room or leave your house, you are not thinking about the rewards! A clean room is a reward in and of itself, and finally leaving your house means eating at your favorite restaurant!

Everyone is lazy. But there is always a way to change your ways and create a more effective way of accomplishing your tasks, big or small.


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