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7 Things That Have Probably Happened To You On Bruinwalk

Bruinwalk is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. From millions of clubs with their millions of fliers to a literal bakery of different pastries, every day is a new opportunity to be positively bombarded with all that UCLA has to offer. Let’s talk some of the quintessential Bruinwalk experiences:

1.  You’ve fallen up those pesky stairs near Kerckhoff—just as everyone is leaving class

2.  You can’t say no to people so you end up with 30 fliers you will immediately throw away

3.  You make awkward eye contact with that one guy you made out with on Thirsty Thursday

4.  The misogynistic preacher has screamed that you’re “going to Hell for what you’re wearing” even though you’re in sweatpants

5.  You got sidetracked by a pupper and blocked traffic to stare at said doggo

6.  You’ve automatically responded “no” without realizing someone was asking you about ending childhood hunger in Africa

7.  You realize karma is real when you have to hand out flyers yourself

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Erin is a third year at UCLA, majoring in Political Science.  When she's not trying to find the best iced almond milk latte in all of Los Angeles, you can probably find her trolling all of her group messages with vaguely applicable puns.  
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