7 Things To Do When LA’s Unexpected Rain Ruins Your Sunny Day Plans

Los Angeles is known for sunny weather and a mecca of diversity. But on rainy days, it suddenly seems like the whole city goes dark as we struggle to slump to class or work each day and just make it through to the next day when the sun comes back out. Lately, we’ve been having more rainy days, so we’ve been struggling to find ways to fill our days other than hiding out until the sun comes back around. Here are 7 ways to spend your rainy day in LA:

1. Go Roller Skating

The vibe of a roller rink can transport you back decades and give you the chance to try something new and feel like you are a part of decades of history and culture. You can dress up with friends and take cute photographs before you fall on the rink or pull each other around under the lights of the disco ball.

2. Go to a Museum

Part of what makes Los Angeles so unique are all the museums here to explore. Go to LACMA, the Petersen Automotive Museum, the Natural History Museum, The Broad or the California Science Center for an afternoon of learning. You can even just go to a museum to take photos with your friends. Take a trip through those Instagram-worthy museums, and walk through Candytopia, hang on the sides of burning buildings at the Museum of Illusions or try one of the many other pop-up museums available in Los Angeles.  

3. Go to a Bookstore

Better yet, spend your afternoon at a bookstore or the library. Nothing is better on a rainy day than getting lost in a book for a few hours. The Last Bookstore offers its clients a different atmosphere with something for everyone to enjoy and perfect photo opportunities as well.

4. Shop Till You Drop

A little rain could never turn anyone away from shopping either! Take a trip down to Century City mall and shop among all the brand name stores or go thrifting. While a lot of shopping in Los Angeles is done outdoors, like the Melrose Trading Post and the Rose Bowl Flea Market, even the local Goodwill will have a few items that will add exponentially to your closet.

5. Go to an Escape Room

An Escape Room is also a good option for a rainy day. Online maze games and phone apps have come to life. Each location gives its guests the chance to solve brain teasers to get through a different room or set of rooms until the last clue gets you through the door.  

6. Take an Art Class 

Take a class. Los Angeles is a hub for art and culture, so take an art class or even a cooking class. Trying something new will get you out of your comfort zone and occupy you on a rainy day. And at the end of that day, you’ll have something new to do the next time. You can take a pottery class at your local Color Me Mine or take a cooking class to impress your friends the next time you play host.  

7. Stay In 

Finally, nothing’s better on a rainy day than a nice night in watching a movie. Take a moment to flip on your television or search through Netflix for a good movie to watch with hot chocolate and popcorn under the covers. Enjoy a quiet night in with the sounds of the rain hitting the windows and relax until the sun comes out.

Los Angeles might not be known for its rainy days, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer until the sun shines the next day. There are plenty of creative indoor activities that you can do to get through the cold, rainy days and see what else the city has to offer.