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7 Things All Single Ladies Should do This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and if you’re with someone then you’re probably really excited, but if you’re single then you’re probably not! You know what though? Just because you don’t have that special someone to celebrate with, it doesn’t mean you have to dread the day! There are plenty of ways you can still enjoy Valentine’s Day regardless of how single you are!

1. Catch up with someone you miss

Sometimes life gets really busy and you don’t get enough time to see people that you care about. Maybe they live really far away or maybe their life is just as hectic as yours. Whatever the reason is, make plans with them early in the month so that both of you can organize your crazy schedules to make time for each other.

2. Plan a girls’ night in

Spending quality time with your girlfriends is bound to keep to you smiling! Plan ahead and organize a secret cupid thing so that you can exchange gifts or something! Or maybe line up all the movies being nominated for an Oscar and just binge watch them! It’s totally up to you but make sure you have some sort of activity planned so that you have more than just a hang out to look forward to!

3. Plan a girls’ night out

If staying in with your friends isn’t your thing, then plan a night out on the town! There’s bound to be a fun pub crawl in your neighborhood or a cool bar that just opened that neither of you have been to! This year Valentine’s Day is on a Tuesday so call up your squad and head to Cabo Cantina’s Taco Tuesday!

4. Pamper yourself

Do whatever makes you feel relaxed! Go get a mani-pedi or a massage, or treat yourself to a new pair of shoes! Everyone has that one thing that instantaneously makes them feel like a princess so seek that out!

5. Volunteer

Use Valentine’s Day as a time to spread love and compassion! Doing something good for other people will put you in a better mood and most importantly, it will help those people. You probably have a cause you’re passionate about, so do some digging and find out if there’s any organizations nearby that are dedicated to that cause!

6. Go to the Anti-Valentine’s Day Party

If you absolutely hate Valentine’s Day and you’re over 21 then you should go to this event! It’s at the Museum of Broken Relationships and tickets are available online ($27 per ticket and this includes one complimentary drink).

7. Do something on your bucket list

It can be as calm as taking a cooking class, to as crazy as going paragliding! Just pick something on that list and do it! If you don’t have a bucket list yet then write one first and then use this time to start crossing things off it!

Happy Valentine’s Day Single Ladies!


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