7 Spectacular Fashion Trends Happening This Spring

Working as a personal stylist, I have been thrown into the fashion world head-on. The company I work for prides itself on choosing eclectic and fun pieces that range from neon green blazers to beautifully patterned boho dresses. As we order more pieces, I have gathered what I think to be the seven best fashion trends that are happening this spring!

  1. 1. Lace Everything

    Ah, lace. This trend has come in and out over time. Right now it is in and here to stay! I am passionate about lace dresses, blouses, or tiered skirts. This delicate fabric is extremely feminine and is a perfect addition to any outfit. If you’re looking for a flattering spring or Easter dress, I highly recommend looking for something that incorporates a little bit of lace into it!

  2. 2. Blazers

    Throwing a blazer on will elevate any outfit. I have been enjoying wearing a long blazer as a dress with a thin belt or using one to dress up a casual jeans and white t-shirt combo. This piece is truly universal and will elevate any outfit to give it a more professional or chic feel.

  3. 3. Midi Skirts

    girls in skirts

    These skirts are another piece that will keep coming back in style. As the weather starts to warm up, it’s so nice to have a flowy and comfy option to wear that will keep you cool all day. I have been enjoying these pieces that have a handkerchief or asymmetrical cut, which really make an outfit pop.

  4. 4. Candy Neon Green and Lilac

    These colors are everything! Blazers, tanks, dresses and more, I guarantee you will find an abundance of pieces in these two colors. I love them because I think they take up any classic outfit to have a more playful feel to them. I see these colors being perfect for a beautiful spring day or a brunch with friends.

  5. 5. Layered Necklaces

    girl with jean jacket in front of diner

    One necklace is never enough. I love to pair a flat snake chain with a smaller paper clip chain in addition to a thin pendant. It can be so fun to experiment and mix and match with items you already own.

  6. 6. Balloon Sleeves

    These sleeves are so adorable! They make any dress or blouse just a dash more feminine. If you’re looking to be noticed, I would highly recommend a piece with these sleeves. They're perfect for a dinner out or even a Zoom meeting, if you’re looking to impress your colleagues.

  7. 7. Cropped Matching Sets

    Two sweater and cami sets lay displayed against a dusty rose background

    Matching sets are everywhere. I feel that these pieces give a modern and fun take to the classic sweater and tank top by combining the two! These cropped pieces are perfect for high-waisted pants, skirts, or even a beloved pair of sweatpants. This piece will truly take you day to night even if you don’t leave your house.

There you have it: seven spectacular trends that are happening this spring. I hope you enjoy some of these suggestions, and happy shopping!