7 Reasons Why You Need to Listen to Dax Shephard's New Podcast

It seems like everyone and their mom has a podcast nowadays, so I’m usually weary about celebrities and influencers announcing their new podcast. However, the announcement that Dax Shephard would be putting out a weekly episode was really exciting! He is one of those celebrities that everyone finds relatable and wants to hang out with— even his relationship with wife, Kristen Bell, is one that many find to be #GOALS. His new podcast, Armchair Expert, gives an insight into his world, and his life experiences are ones that we can all relate to. Don’t feel left out! Here’s why you need to start listening now:

1. The episodes are super long! 

Many podcasts last about an hour and usually include many sponsors that can get really annoying, really fast. Dax’s podcast, however, can last up to two entire hours with NO interruptions.

2. He has awesome guests! 

Dax kicked off his podcast with an episode featuring Kristen Bell! With guests like her, Jimmy Kimmel, Pete Wentz and Ashton Kutcher, you are sure to have a good time listening! I can’t wait to hear who will be on in the future!

3. Dax gets deep.

Dax has had his fair share in the world of struggling with substance abuse and the like. Because of this, listeners are able to really see that this guy is a real person with real experiences. He also jumps into politics at times, but not in an overwhelming way.

4. It’s Funny!

Who doesn’t love laughing? Dax is a comedian, so it’s no wonder that the podcast has me laughing from beginning to end! His guests bring anecdotes about some of the times they’ve shared together, and most stories are filled with comical experiences. Trust me, you’ll be laughing right along with him in no time.

5. He has fact checking sessions.

Dax has his producer, Monica, join him at the end of each episode to share all the things that he said that were incorrect, and she gives out the right information. This part of the podcast is very unique because most people don’t want to admit that their knowledge may be wrong.

6. Dax is an UCLA alum! 

He graduated from UCLA with a degree in anthropology! It’s always fun to see where fellow UCLA students have ended up, and he is no exception! He mentions specific points of his life while being in school, so it's awesome to hear that and relate to it because we are in the same place as him! I may have gotten a little giddy at the mention of Royce Hall.

7. He gives insight into the Hollywood world.

Unlike some celebrities, Dax is not afraid to get real about the trial and tribulations in the Hollywood world. He acknowledges the many misconceptions about his life (and other celebrities) in the media, and faces it head on!

Listen to Armchair Expert on iTunes now! 

Photos and gifs courtesy of Giphy and Armchair Expert