7 Reasons Why I Can’t Wait To Go Home For Spring Break

While everyone is out getting ready to go to Cabo, I am counting down the days until I get to go home. I know it may sound lame, and maybe its because I live across the country, but for me, I try to utilize every break as a chance to go home. I feel pretty lucky to feel this way because I know it means that I grew up in a really loving and supportive environment. I will admit I was sad to miss out on Mexico with all of my best friends, but to me, going home is a really important break in the school year. It’s a break from not only homework and stress, but also my friends. Being social is so important, and don’t get me wrong, I love all of my friends endless amounts. But at home, I get a chance to unwind and just relax for a hot second before returning to the rigorous quarter system. If you’re confused about how I could feel this strongly about choosing my boring home over vacationing with all my friends on the beach—here are seven reasons why I cant wait to go home in 16 days:

1. Not having to spend money

Mexico with my friends would be fun and all, but do I really want to spend all of my money when I can just fly home and live comfortably all week surrounded by my family for free? At home, I don’t have to pay for food, housing or flights—my parents take care of all of that. I am not saying that Mexico wouldn’t be a blast (believe me I have FOMO already) but if you’re living on a budget, my parents offering to fly me home is a pretty amazing option.   

2. Spending time with my family

For me, living far away from my mom and dad is great—most of the time. I love the independence of being self-reliant and making my own decisions without their authoritative influence hanging over my head. But that still means that every once in a while, I do miss my family. I miss my mom cooking me my favorite foods, I miss my dad and I running errands together, I miss walking my dog with my brother and I miss watching all of my favorite shows with my sister. And the best part is that when you come home only on occasion, your family treats you so much nicer because you're barely ever there! #pampered

3. Seeing my high school friends

Although I love my college friends, I see them 24/7. I go to school with them, eat every meal with them and even live with some of them. I am not saying that spring break is a much needed break way from them, but it IS nice to be able to break off and see my OG squad from home. My high school friends and I are still really close and they know everything that is going on with me, so it’s sad that I don’t get to see them as often. This break, I am going home and getting to spend every second with my best friend who will be home from Berkeley, and we’ll be taking a trip down to Washington DC to stay with our other best friend for a weekend, so I seriously could not be more excited.

4. Hitting my hometown foodie spots

WAWA!!!! Oh, how I miss you. Seriously I probably think about Wawa once a week out here. If you’ve never been, Wawa is single handedly the most amazing institution I’ve ever stepped foot in. When my dad picks me up from the airport, we always stop at Wawa on our way home and get coffee (I’m smiling thinking about it at the moment). I also can’t wait to go to my town’s farmers market, our acai place “Playa Bowls” and my favorite Jewish Deli called Hymie’s that has the best milkshakes, the biggest slices of cake you have ever seen, iconic bagel sandwiches and a pickle bar. At home, I’m always full <3

5. My DOG

If you know me, you know just HOW obsessed with my dog I am. No seriously, my dog is my best friend. When we got him as a puppy, it was the end of my senior year of high school, so going off to college, I felt like I missed him grow up a little. He is seriously the sweetest dog in the world. He’s a golden retriever with the most gentle disposition. He always hugs me (literally like a human) when he sees me upset, and he just likes to lay with us on our beds when we’re sleeping. He’s my precious baby Freddie, and I seriously think he relieves my anxiety. I can’t wait to see his face.


6. Logistical things you can’t do at school

Although we all adjust to life in our college city, everyone has those hometown establishments that they have been going to forever, and it's nice to go home and get work done with people who know you/have known you for a long time. If I am not feeling well, sometimes I will wait until I am home to go to my doctor just because I trust her the most. Or if I want to get my haircut, I usually will opt to wait until I am home and can go to my family friend who has been cutting my hair since I was three. Home is familiar, and sometimes change can be hard, especially when you get into a routine that you trust. I am excited to go home and just kind of regroup for a week before heading back out to the far away, very different city in which I live 9 months out of the year.

7. Getting to just relax and unwind and not be ON for anyone

Do you ever feel like you can’t ever really relax and just unplug for a second until you’re at home, in your bed, watching Netflix? Maybe that’s just me, but I feel like at home in the privacy of my room and my house is where I can just let myself go for a second, not be ON for anyone, and just kind of be. With the quarter system, you barely ever get time for yourself. So at home, I can just relax and neglect my non-existent responsibilities for a couple of days. Sure it may be short lived, but for my mental health—I feel like it is essential.

If you were feeling lame about going home for spring break—don’t! Home is the best break you could ask for. It’s utter relaxation and much higher quality living standards than college life at zero cost. Sometimes you just have to look on the bright side.