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7 Gifts To Show Your Appreciation on Mother’s Day

Mark your calendars everyone because Mother’s Day is right around the corner and you don’t want to miss it. After all the work our mothers have done for us year-round, it’s time for us to use this day as a token of our appreciation. Mother’s Day should honestly be everyday, but this special annual celebration can serve as a reminder to our mothers of all the love and care they deserve.


Here are some heartfelt gifts you can get for your mother to put a smile on her face!

1. Customized Mug


With so many online companies and websites, you now have the option of designing your own mug. You can even add a picture of you with your mom! Since a mug is a common item that she’ll likely use on a daily basis, why not customize one so she can be reminded of your love every day!  

2. Jewelry


A nice pair of earrings or a cute necklace is always a safe option! In addition, you can get a locket and put a picture of the two of you inside! A beautiful gift for a beautiful person! 

3. Flowers


Get your mom her favorite flowers or pick out a bouquet with symbolism. Pink carnations or tulips can symbolize your love, while sunflowers can show your respect and adoration.

4. Home-Cooked Meal


Show your appreciation for your mom by taking the time to cook her favorite dishes! Don’t be afraid to do a couple practice runs before you present the meal to her – you want to get it perfect, after all.

5. Card


Nothing says heartfelt like a card. Write your own personal message to let your mom know how grateful you are for her, and how much you love her.

6. Photo Album / Scrapbook


Gather some of the memories that you and your mom have shared and compile it together into a photo album or scrapbook. This photo compilation will allow you both to see how much you’ve done together and help cherish those moments!  

7. Plan An Event


Plan an event to show your appreciation for your mom! Whether it’s dinner at her favorite restaurant or a small family gathering, you can plan a small event so that she can be surrounded by her loved ones on this special day.

For Mother’s Day, gifts are nice to have and will certainly show your appreciation to your mom. These heartfelt gifts can help show how much you care. But the most important thing for your mom to have on this day is YOU. Make sure that above all else, you are there for your mom on this day! Whether it’s through FaceTime or mailing a well-written card, make sure to remind her of your love and devotion. After all, these gifts are just symbolic representations of your love, and the only way to truly deliver that love is with yourself. Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

Kalysa was the 2020-21 Editor in Chief and Campus Correspondent for the UCLA chapter of Her Campus. She was also previously a Senior Editor and Feature Writer for the chapter. On the rare occasion she's not busy studying for school or writing for Her Campus, you'll probably find her indulging in tiramisu or reading (and re-reading) her favorite novels. 
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