7 Female Youtubers You Need to Watch ASAP

Spring quarter is here y'all! Now is the time to relax and recover from all the back-to-school stress. And what better way to do so than by watching YouTube? Listed below are 7 of my favorite YouTubers who are binge-worthy enough to be included in your spring quarter plans. Put your favorite PJs on, kick back and enjoy!  

1. Jenn Im 

A definite fashion icon! Jen Im is a Korean American who shoots videos featuring her unique style musings, beauty tutorials and lifestyle advice. Jen is a sweet girl who espouses the importance of walking to the beat of your own drum, and she is not afraid of getting very personal with her viewers. Jen regularly releases videos with titles such as, “SPILLING THE TEA ON ALL MY THERAPISTS” and “Growing up Korean American.” I love Jen’s honesty and personality! Her makeup videos are filmed in a chatty “get ready with me” format, which makes it seem as if you are getting ready with an amazingly confident older sister. Give Jen a try! Her makeup and fashion sense will catch the eye of any budding fashionista.  

2. Kristin Johns 

Lifestyle vlogger, Kristin is a YouTuber with a killer sense of style. Her videos regularly feature natural makeup tutorials, house décor and style tips. Kristin definitely gives off a very different vibe than that of Jen Im’s glamour. Kristin’s videos are sweetly organic and fun. Endlessly relatable in personality, Kristen refers to herself as a “plant lady forever” and loves all-natural products. Her husband, Marcus, is a fellow YouTuber and is regularly featured on her vlogs and video segments. Their relationship is very cute, but even more adorable are her dogs!! If you’re a sucker for doggos, you will definitely fall in love with Kristin’s golden retrievers, Camper and Honey Bee. 

3. HelloKaty 

A New York fashionista, Katy is also a beauty, fashion and lifestyle vlogger who works for Loréal Paris. I have been an avid subscriber of Katy’s since she started her first year of college, and her material has only gotten better and better! Since obtaining a job and moving to New York, Katy’s videos have primarily focused on job tips & tricks, college reflections and living alone for the first time. Katy also exposes the reality of living as a young twenty-something year old. Her videos are truly insightful and interesting because being a YouTuber is not her primary job. Rather, YouTube is Katy’s passion, and her videos are carefully edited with extreme care. 


A UCLA graduate, Amy Lee is a 24-year-old Korean American vlogger. Amy’s videos primarily deal with mental health and self-love. Amy is extremely open with her own struggles dealing with rejection, post-grad anxiety and dating. What I love most about her videos is their positive and uplifting messages. Amy is not self-deprecating, but she is an avid promoter of inner growth and peace. My favorite videos include her “AM with AMY” segments, which deal with topics such as how to live authentically, becoming social and dealing with so-called imperfections. Her videos are definitely worth a watch!! 

5. Haley Pham 

A complete maniac, Haley is a YouTuber who is endlessly creating new and hilarious content. She is not your typical beauty guru, and she posts whatever her heart desires. Past videos of hers feature Haley baking, vlogging in her car, performing hauls and simply interacting with friends. You will never be bored with her videos! You never know what Haley will post next. My favorite videos include “how YouTube got me kicked out of high school” and her hilariously relatable beauty attempts. Haley is not afraid of being herself, and you will soon find yourself falling in love with her unabashed personality and humor! 

6. BestDressed 

A current UCLA student, BestDressed otherwise known as Ashley, is a rising YouTuber whose channel focuses primarily on fashion and thrifting. Ashely is big fan of both vintage inspired outfits and décor, and she is constantly creating new content featuring thrift flips and interesting style combinations. She is truly an innovative spirit, and her dry humor is the perfect complement to her fluffy style content. Ashley is also not afraid of being vulnerable online and has posted videos such as “losing my v card, masturbation and other sexual adventures” along with “taking everyone I love on dates :).” 

7. Adelaine Morin 

A fluffy ball of sunshine, Adelaine is one of the most up lifting YouTubers ever! She is a lover of all things yellow—especially makeup and clothes, which accurately matches her sunny disposition. Her videos are fun to watch with makeup tutorials on Harley Quinn, Kylie Jenner and Ariana Grande. She is very inspiring and confident in herself. Her videos, such as, “12 TIPS TO BE A BADASS!” spread the message that self-love is the best medicine for an amazing life. 

Give each of these AMAZING ladies a watch and you won’t be disappointed. Their videos will comfort you in good times and bad—they have definitely done so for me!! Each YouTuber is an amazing role model who I am endlessly inspired by. Putting content on the internet is not an easy thing to do.