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We may have all been stuck in our home this past year but that doesn’t mean that we can’t look cute for our Zoom classes and occasional at-home photoshoots! The fashion trends don’t stop because of COVID. Here are some of the cutest fashion trends that you need to invest in immediately!

Anything Leather

The world seems to be obsessed with anything leather at the moment. Whether that be leather skirts, leather blazer or even leather pants, this trend does not seem to be disappearing anytime soon. Leather instantly adds a little bit of edge to any outfit. Personally, my favorite has been the classic black leather blazer. You can style it with jeans, a skirt or even a cute mini dress and it will look fabulous. You’ll look and feel like a superstar.

Patchwork Denim

I am so loving the patchwork denim pants trend going on at the moment. It is so flattering and will make any outfit look cool even if you just wear it with a basic top. It’s fun to try out different colors like brown and pink! They’re more fashionable and interesting than just your basic pair of blue jeans.

Sweater Vests

The preppy vibe is definitely in right now. What were once seen as a bit nerdy, sweater vests are now selling out everywhere. You can get an oversized sweater vest and wear it tucked in with a school skirt or even just with a pair of jeans and a white blouse underneath. Channel your inner Cher from Clueless and get your own sweater vest to try out!

Patterned Pants

Funky, patterned pants are a great way to jazz up any outfit. A lot of people seem to be wearing statement pants and then balancing it out with a more lowkey top. Animal print pants especially are super unique and stylish! I definitely get a boost of confidence every time I wear my zebra pants with a pair of Docs.

The Yoga Pants With A Flare

Yes, technically they are called “yoga pants,” but they can get confused with typical leggings. Thanks to Emma Chamberlain, the rebirth of the yoga flare pant has now come back better than ever. I am all here for this trend, especially considering how comfortable it is. I love pairing my yoga pants with a sweatshirt and turtleneck underneath. You can still look cool without needing much effort, which is definitely a bonus.

Turtlenecks and Sweatshirts

I may live in California, but that doesn’t mean I can’t still join in on the trend if it does happen to get colder here. This trend is super simple and cute. All you need is a light turtleneck, a cute sweatshirt and you’re good to go. Although I mentioned wearing it with flare pants above, there are so many other options too! You can wear it with jeans or even a skirt.

The Color Brown

A year ago, I didn’t own anything brown but somehow the color is now appearing everywhere! From brown pants to brown jackets, everyone is loving this color. You can mix up the different shades and it will still look good! I like wearing a ribbed brown tank top just as a casual, every day top.

It may seem silly to dress up right now since no one is going anywhere, but it will boost your mood and make you feel like the boss woman that you are. Remember to wear clothes that make you feel like your best, confident self!

Caitlyn studied at UCLA where she majored in English and minored in film. She loves writing about all things lifestyle and entertainment related. When she is not writing articles, she loves going to hot yoga, reading, and binge-watching One Tree Hill for the hundredth time!
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