6 Ways You Can "Fall" For Fall While Living In Southern California

IT'S FALL Y'ALL! That means it is time for warm pumpkin spice lattes, thick chunky knit blankets and cuddling up with your boo while watching your favorite scary movies! Fall is by far one of my favorite seasons as it brings with it the cold chilly air and the ability to FINALLY wear some darn layers.

However it is all about location! I have been a Cali girl all my life. Living so close to the beach and constantly being surrounded by palm trees does not help much in terms of getting into the holiday season. What can I say? The pretty consistent balmy temperature of 75 degrees is not very condusive to what I have always envisoned fall to feel or look like. The LA smog keeps our leaves either green or brown depending on the tree and I am over it! Never fear! Shake off your California blues because I am here to tell you how you can "fall" for fall this season! It's officially spooky season witches, here are 6 ways you can "fall" for fall living in Southern California:

  1. 1. Capitalize On Your Seasonal Drinks At Starbucks

    I have been waiting for the pumpkin spice latte to return all year and it is finally here! Nothing gets me into a fall mood like my seasonal coffee offerings at my local cafe. Living in sunny Los Angeles, you can get your drinks iced no problem! We all know iced drinks are far more superior than scalding hot beverages, so bonus points to you! If you haven't, definitely give Starbucks' new pumpkin cream cold brew a try. It tastes like fallen leaves, whiskers on fluffy kittens and magic. *cries*

  2. 2. Stock Up On Your Spooky Snacks

    Speaking of festive offerings, stocking up on your favorite seasonal snacks can spark your inner fall girl mentality! Chipmunk some candy corn, nibble on some popcorn and visit your local Trader Joes for more pumpkin spice flavored snacks! I promise you will not regret it.

  3. 3. Stay In & Watch Some Of Your Favorite Scary Movies

    Netflix and chill just became Netflix and THRILL! Horror is one of my favorite genres, and now we all have an excuse to stay in and watch them for the name of the Halloween season. Pop open a Netflix tab or tap open your favorite movie on Huluween with your new spooky snacks and stay awhile.

  4. 4. Decorate Your Door With Your Roomies

    What better way to get into the spirit than surrounding yourself with some decorations? This can be a fun way for you to bond with your new roommates for the year and for you to have the cutest and scariest room in hall. By the way, we were definetly all here for the photo.

  5. 5. Put On Your Favorite Fall Outfit

    *Sips pumpkin latte* Ahh... my favorite part of fall, the outfits! It is finally time to layer up, and living in Southern California, you do not even have to bundle yourself up with heavy parkas and ski pants! Dust off your favorite booties, grab your cutest trench and stroll out the door. Click here for some more fun and fresh inspo!

  6. 6. Take A Trip To Your Local Pumpkin Patch

    Now that you're dressed in your cutest fall forward outfit, it is time to head to the local pumpkin patch! Where else can you truly feel the magic of autumn than when you're surrounded by pumpkins and the confusing smell of cinnamon and a petting zoo? Grab your besties and take the squad pics you know will boost your instagram feed.

It may always stay the same temperature year round, but who needs rain and cold winds when you can have some unadulterated fall fun with these 6 festive tips?