6 Tips To Help You Manage Your Time

Amidst all the classes, internships, clubs and activities we college students devote ourselves to, it seems the one thing we don’t have is time. This realization hits us when we’re feeling suffocated by impending deadlines, when we lose hours of sleep and when we’re forced to sacrifice something important to us to make time. Time management is a crucial skill that can help each person develop a healthier lifestyle. Not only will time management be important throughout your college career, it will be useful to you whatever you decide to do. Time management is a critical and invaluable skill to learn. Start setting those habits now by following these tips and getting the balance of work, school and fun you need!

1. Use a Calendar.

Get a calendar or planner, and feel free to write all over it! Scribble down activities you have to do, appointments you can’t miss and deadlines you have to meet. Organization is absolutely essential to making sure you don’t forget anything, but it will also help you with keeping on top of things.

2. Plan Ahead.

You CAN overcome the doom of procrastination and laziness. Make a plan, and stick to it!

3. Keep Away from Distractions.

You know what your biggest weaknesses and distractions are; if you can’t stop drifting to your phone every 5 seconds, turn it off. If you can’t keep away from Netflix, go somewhere with no WiFi. Do what you can to stay away from your distractions, and stay focused.

4. Reward Yourself.

Motivate yourself by providing rewards whenever you stick to your goals. If you stuck to your goal of finishing one assignment by Sunday, treat yourself to a shopping spree or a chocolate bar. By rewarding yourself, you can stay motivated to keep working towards your goals.

5. Sleep.

Make sure you have your sleep schedule in order! There’s no chance of you being able to manage your time and do everything right when you’re drifting off or zoning out while working, so make sure you sleep and recharge when you can.

6. Set Your Goals.

Give yourself some objectives to reach, and motivate yourself by reminding yourself of those goals! By chanting the words obsessively or sticking Post-It notes all over your mirror, make those goals impossible to forget!