6 Things You Need To Have The Cutest & Most Insta-Worthy Friendsgiving

The time for your annual Friendsgiving is finally here, so break out the foldable table and for goodness' sake, clean your darn apartment! Midterms were rough, and the time to grind or die for finals week is only a stone's throw away. Before we have to worry about what is coming the last few weeks this quarter, take this time to relax, catch up with friends and reflect on the aspects of your life that you have been the most thankful for this year- all while looking fab for social media.

Now I personally do not celebrate Thanksgiving because of its history that is linked to colonization and the devastating effects it had on indigenious people. It is important to remember the dark truths that come along with the festivites. I feel that Friendsgiving is a perfect alternative to Thanksgiving because it promotes the idea of celebrating not only your friends, but also of reflecting on the highs and lows of the year past and thinking about how you can count your blessings with each other while leaving out all the historical baggage.

This Friendsgiving, eat pie, stuff yourself on stuffing and go around the table remincising about the memories you have shared together this year! But you know the saying, "Pics or it didn't happen", so here are six things you will need to have the cutest and most insta-worthy Friendsgiving this year!

  1. 1. Set The Mood With A Festive And Affordable Photo Backdrop

    Pose for a picture with your besties in front of a festive Friendsgiving themed wall! This does not necessarily have to break your bank- hand turkeys are totally acceptable, so do not let those skills you learned in Kindergarten go to waste! You can also buy Instagram-worthy banners on sites like Etsy; feel free to peruse the web for the best deals or just get creative. 

  2. 2. Add Some Themed Details Into Your Dinner Table

    For that perfect Instagram story, be sure to add some effort onto your dinner table. This does not have to be too costly either. You can just cover your table with some craft paper. Not only will this allow you to be creative with your calligraphy, but you can also write the names of your guests and have them either write down what they are thankful for or have them contribute to the design of your table!

  3. 3. This Is What You've All Been Waiting For...The Food!

    Is any explanation necessary? Lucky for you, food tends to be HIGHLY photogenic, and if you choose to indulge in the traditional foods of the holiday, you will have quite the spread to make an impression! 

  4. 4. What Better Way To Wash Down That Turkey Than With Some Festive Drinks?

    Nothing makes me feel classier than waving my hands around like a lunatic with a drink in my hand. Good thing cute cocktails and the hoildays are synonymous in any good festive party! There are great recipes for Apple Cider Sangria to get any party started for those aged 21+. This recipe for the most refreshing Cranberry Mocktail will also be highly effective in creating a classy atmosphere to your Friendsgiving!

  5. 5. Keep The Party Going With Some Games!

    These fun Friendsgiving themed games can keep the party moving along way after everyone wakes from the food coma that will ensue! Do not forget to have a camera ready- who knows when you will capture a viral moment?

  6. 6. Put Down The Phones And Get Mushy With Your Friends

    Once the laughter dies down, it is time to get a little deep into your feelings. Put the phones away and, in the true spirit of the holidays, go around amongst your friends and reflect on what you are thankful for this year.

With these guidelines, you will be six steps closer to having the cutest and most instagrammable Friendsgiving yet!