6 Summer L.A. Date Ideas

Everyone always says winter is “cuffing season”, but let's be real: the best time to be dating someone is the summer. Fun outdoorsy dates, wearing cute bikinis, warm nights … all the ingredients for love. Whether you’re looking for a serious relationship or a fun summer fling, here are a few of my favorite date ideas in L.A. that will make you feel ~sparks~.

1. Venice Beach

This might seem obvious, but there’s no better way to hang out with someone you like than going to the beach. Pick up some onigiri (rice balls stuffed with yummy filling) at Sunny Blue on your way to the beach and enjoy some lunch. If you’re feeling up to it, you can share an ice cream cone at Three Twins next door! Nothing is more romantic than sharing an ice cream cone, at least according to romantic comedies.

2. Hit up a museum

When the weather gets too hot, spending time outdoors might not be the best idea -- you don’t want to be too sweaty! LA has a ton of awesome museums, from the most well-known (LACMA) to the most quirky (Museum of Death). Find a topic you and your guy or girl are both interested in and see if there are any cool museums or exhibits nearby. You never know what you’ll find!

3. See a movie under the stars

Places like the Hollywood Forever Cemetery show movies all summer long, from the classics to our favorite chick flicks (Clueless, anyone?). Bring a blanket and cuddle when it gets chilly :-)

4. Get dinner by the beach

From Malibu Seafood to Neptune’s Net, Malibu has some amazing seafood that won’t break the bank. Bring your own beverages (of any kind ;-)) and appetizers, and watch the sun set before eating some delicious fish and chips or clam chowder. When you’re all done, you can chill at any one of the famous Malibu beaches or park and just look at the ocean. There’s something magical about the beach at night and there’s no better way to share that than with someone you like.

5. Go to a Dodger game

Even if you don’t like sports, it’s still exciting to don your gear and go to a baseball game.  The tickets are super cheap too, so you can do something exciting and different, all while staying in your budget. Show off your LA pride, share a Dodger Dog (or fish tacos, they’re actually really good), and enjoy the great outdoor weather!

6. Go to the Santa Monica Pier

Yes, this is cheesy and stereotypical, but there’s a reason that it is! It’s so fun! Ride the ferris wheel at sunset for a romantic view, get a silly caricature done, and splurge on some Dippin Dots, the classic carnival food for some reason. It’ll feel like you’re in a romantic comedy set in the 1950s, but in all the best ways.

7. Go to the farmer’s market and have a picnic

Going to the farmer’s market and buying some fresh and locally-grown fruit is one of the beauties of summer. Why not make a whole date of it? Make some sandwiches, pick up some fresh fruit, baked goods, or juice, and head to a park for a relaxing and adorable afternoon. Add a puppy, and it sounds like the best date ever.