6 Steps To Throwing The Ultimate 21st Birthday Party

There is no doubt that parties can be fun. 21st birthday parties can be even more fun, especially when it is your own. But before you can get to the fun, there is always the difficult part of planning everything. Here is a short guide to planning your own 21st birthday party and making sure the big day comes without a hitch: 

  1. 1. Location, Location, Location 

    You absolutely need to have your location ready to go. For college students, an apartment may be the most ideal place, since the space is free and none of your guests will have to go through the hassle of Ubering somewhere for your party. If you are going to host at your own apartment, make sure your roommates are okay with it. Make sure they do not have anything important the next morning and be mindful of their needs, because they are doing you the favor of letting you host! 

  2. 2. Get Your Guest List Going

    Get a solid guest list running. First, verify the date with your closest friends. Then, I recommend sending out a text or email a few days before the party with the address and time. Creating a Facebook event may also be helpful so that you can get a good idea of how many people will be coming. The Facebook event will also remind your guests about the event the morning of your party.

  3. 3. Decorate... A Lot!

    You need decor! If it suits you, settle on a theme. If you do not like the idea of a themed birthday party, just go with the basic decor: maybe a sash, a tiara, the big 21 balloons and some balloons and streamers so the pictures can turn out festive.

    Also, depending on how big the party is, lay out some food. If you are expecting a lot of guests, then get some pizza or finger food, but if it will be a smaller party, go for some candy or chips and dips.

  4. 4. Look Glamorous

    Be sure to get an outfit that you love. Even if the party is casual, it is your birthday so treat yourself and glam up. Maybe wear a cute dress, comfortable shoes and do your hair and makeup. You want to look good for the pictures; plus, all the attention will be on you so wow everyone.

  5. 5. Get Drinks!

    Now here comes the fun (and legal) part! Go buy alcohol for your birthday. Make sure you go to a big store like Ralphs or Albertsons so there are more options and so that the alcohol is cheaper. Get a variety of drinks because your guests will likely have different preferences. Most importantly, do not forget to bring your ID!

  6. 6. Tidy Up

    Lastly, when all the fun is over, you have to take responsibility and clean up. Bring out the Swiffer, vacuum and Clorox Wipes. Make sure everything is back where it belongs and that nothing is ruined, especially your roommates’ belongings. Then, just relax. You threw a successful party and everything is tidied up!

I hope this helps you throw the ultimate 21st birthday party. Try not to stress or get too anxious, and just remember that everyone will have a safe and fun time celebrating your 21st!