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6 Spooky Decorations That Will Make This October Still Feel Like Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching, although I know that it hasn’t been as top of mind for me as it usually is. Since the pandemic has, unfortunately, really put a damper on the festive spirit, I’ve been trying to find good ways to celebrate and decorate without breaking the bank or putting myself at risk. If you are also celebrating Halloween at home this year, you can go big with decorations without breaking the bank. Here are a few easy home decor ideas to make sure this Halloween is still one to remember:

Small Pumpkins

To keep your decorations Westwood-apartment-size and chic, opt for lots of tiny, small jack-o-lanterns or pumpkins to decorate your space!  Heavy, larger pumpkins just become a nightmare to dispose of later and the smaller sizes are an easy way to make your small college space look adorable. 

Ghost Lollipops

Additionally, I know how hard it is to decorate and avoid the candy temptations, but mini ghost lollipops made of tissue papers covering lollipops are a great way to decorate the space and provide a welcoming treat to guests. If you’re filling a candy bowl/vase, you can add in a few other Halloween treats or opt to fill a small pumpkin with your lollipops!


I know that many of us have small patios or porches in Westwood, so now would be a great time to get in the habit of decorating them!  As the days get shorter and it finally starts to feel like fall outside, we can help light the night by hanging twinkling autumn lights up in the shape of jack-o-lanterns.

Hanging Decals

Since we are all a little tight on space, it might also be nice to hang a few pieces up.  If you’re feeling crafty, you can cut bats from black sheets of paper or even hang tiny pumpkins from your ceiling.  It would add even more to the space if you paint or decorate the pumpkins first!  Finally, you can even cut adorable lace ghosts as shown here from A Beautiful Mess.

Googly Eye Chocolates

The Target in Westwood has a ton of candy that really could help make this October feel a little more Halloween-y.  From candy eyes to googly eyes, you can decorate your cookies and candy to make them a little more spooky.  Fill a bowl with some “edible eyes” and enjoy a candy between midterms.

Zombie Throw Pillow

Since we all know that we’ve got tons of pillows lying around our apartments, this DIY from Sugar and Charm will make sure that you can no sew DIY your very own mummy pillow to make this Halloween truly spooktacular!

To really “boo-it-yourself” this Halloween, get started soon and make your apartment THE place to be this Saturday!  Spend your time from now until October 31st decorating cabinets, walls, windows, patios and doors to really get yourself and your roommates in the spirit of Halloween and celebrate this tricky holiday with a few DIY treats.

Alyssa Chew is a fourth-year Electrical Engineering major at UCLA. She is excited to be a Features Writer for Her Campus at UCLA and to get involved and explore Los Angeles. Alyssa hopes you enjoy reading her articles!
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