6 Reasons You Need to Catch Up on this Season of MTV'S "Siesta Key"

Siesta Key is MTV’s most popular new series since 2014. In case you aren't already addicted to the show and haven’t heard of it, it's a reality series similar to The Hills. The show tracks the lives of a group of college-aged friends in an upper-class city in Florida. Here are six reasons why you need to catch up on the second season now.

1. Hot people everywhere

Check out Garrett Miller’s rock hard abs.

2.) Girls you love to hate

Juliette Porter is the real-life version of Regina George.

3.) Drama, drama, and more drama

Remember when Canvas (below) tried to steal Madison’s boyfriend and Juliette cheated on Garrett with Alex? Get sneak peeks at the drama here.

4.) The hook ups

You would need to create a diagram to keep track of which cast members hooked up with who. We all thought Bradison (Madison and Brandon) were adorable until temptation got the best of them.

5.) Relatable college themes

Although the show might be described as “guilty pleasure T.V.,” some of the challenges the cast members face are actually relatable, such as struggling to find jobs after college, dating people you know are bad for you, and caring for sick family members.

Kelsey has to balance her modeling career while caring for her mom who has multiple sclerosis. 

6.) The Parties 

Can I please be invited to Alex's next party? 

Siesta Key airs Monday's at 10 pm. 

Gifs Courtesy of GIPHY