6 Predicted Fashion Trends For 2019

2018 was an interesting year for fashion. From pantsuits, to tiny sunglasses and “dad” sneakers, we really saw it all. Fashion moves fast—something can be in style one day and out the next. Just so you’re not behind on the trends, here are six predicted trends in fashion for this upcoming year.

1. Eco friendly fashion

In a time when climate change and the effect of irreversible environmental transformations are more prominent than ever, it’s important that sustainable fashion begins to trend. Luckily, I think it’s about to. Not only is this issue becoming even more political and gaining more active support, but more and more brands are beginning to catch on, such as Reformation and H&M. Even fashion icons like Meghan Markle are setting this trend forth, as she wore flats called Rothy's that are made out of recycled water bottles in Sydney just a couple months ago!

2. Silk and satin tops

Whether you want to dress up for a night out or just be comfortable lounging around the house, silk and satin are perfect for both—TG its back on the rise. Pinterest searches for silk tops have increased by 231% in the last couple of months, so get on it! Check out Macy’s and Bloomingdales for fashionable and affordable options.

3. Statement sneakers

Don’t worry, they’re here to stay! One of the biggest trends of 2018: chunky, platform, colorful and statement sneakers are not going anywhere. It all started with Balenciaga’s, but with FILA, Nike Airmax and Superga’s dominating the shoe world, Pinterest searches for the type are up 2,211%. Yes, you read that right. I’m wearing my platform Superga’s as I write this.

4. Snake prints

If you’re a fan of animal print, you’re in luck! With Pinterest searches up 642%, snake prints is coming in hot in all forms. I’m talking sweaters, skirts, boots, coats, shirts and even pants. Other animal prints have been out of style for a while, so if you miss the cheetah trend, snake print can be your alternative, and this may just be the best news you’ve heard all day.

5. Biker shorts

I’m not sure you want my opinion, but ill be honest, I don’t really get this one. With Pinterest searches up 1,323%, biker shorts were a huge hit in 2018, and it looks like they’re here to stay for a while. Most fashion shows in the past months have incorporated the look, including Fendi. I think we have one famous family to thank for this seemingly relentless trend: the Kardashian’s.

6. Chic Flats

Spotted in Valentino’s new show, models donned a look that could be a game changer for the world of fashion and ultimately make life a little easier when deciding what to wear to a night out… could it be that flats are, in? (PLEASE let it be for the sake of my poor feet). Decorative and formal by virtue of being platform but still fun and comparatively more comfortable by being many inches closer to the ground, lets pray this trend really takes flight soon.

If you want to be the next #trendsetter on campus, check out these predicted year’s trends to get yourself ahead of the game. I can’t wait to see you rocking snake print biker shorts paired with a nice silk top wearing rainbow Superga’s made out of recycled water bottles. I’m kidding. Don’t do that.