6 Makeup Products You Need To Try To Boost Your 2020

Four years ago I started wearing makeup. Since then, so many new releases or new formulas have come out. So with the new year here, here are 6 products that I love and that all makeup wearers should try out this 2020:

  1. Although fairly new, the Colourpop Ultra Blotted Lip has started to become very popular because of the way it leaves lips looking. I use the Doozy swatch almost every day. For me, this shade is the definition of a “your lips, but better” because of its sheer, lightweight coverage. If you are going for that "natural look" I suggest getting a shade that is accommodating to your skin tone so that your lips look enhanced. However, Colourpop also has a range of colors to give your lips an overall flushed color.

  2. This was one of the first palettes I ever used when I started blending down. Since then, the shade “Hotline” has become one of my favorite eyeshadows ever. Plus, the palette has six different shades, two shimmers and four mattes that help to create beautiful eyeshadow looks with only a few steps. On top of this, the eyeshadows smell amazing and have a silky smooth feeling.

  3. I was never a big brow gel person until I tried this one. I felt like other gels were too goopy, thick and would just get everywhere, but this one fills my brows in as if it was a pomade or a pencil (I know, it is that good). It also separates my hairs and makes them look much thicker than they actually are. Plus, the smallness of the wand makes it easy to really perfect an arch and not get product everywhere.

  4. In my personal opinion, this version of the Better than Sex mascara is so much better than the original version because it does not crumble underneath eye. In addition, the formula of the mascara helps to lock in a curl all day since it has a stronger hold. Even so, I know that the fact that it is waterproof makes some people scared to try it, but after just a couple swipes of eye makeup remover at the end of the day, you will be good to go. This one is a game changer.

  5. I remember when this first came out, I was so excited because Lilly Singh was one of my biggest idols at the time and to see her come out with a lipstick was super cool. On top of this, the lipstick's formula is amazing because it does not transfer or bleed along the edges like other liquid lipsticks do. As for the applicator, it is in a tear-dropped shape and helps to create the crisp lines that are signature for a bold red lip.

  6. From the moment these highlighters came out, I knew I had to get one. Because of the steep price, I got the next best thing: the Bomb Baby set. While the lip gloss in the set is amazing, I wanted to talk about how much of a glow the highlighter, in the shade Hu$la Baby, gives. For me, this highlighter blends smoothly into my skin, making it look like I just glow that way and I feel so much more ethereal when I put it on. I feel like the Killawatt Splits are a great deal because you can add a little glisten or a bright shine- Rihanna just leaves it up to you.

For me, these are some top makeup products that are all a must-have. Whether you are a professional makeup artist or just a makeup enthusiast, these products are great to have. Each product has such strong qualities, which adds to your beautiful makeup look.