6 Interview Tips to Help You get that Amazing Job/Internship

Being strategically career-minded is a part of being a collegiette and a strong, independent college woman. Here are 6 interview tips to help you get that amazing job/internship.

1) Look Presentable: First impressions stick. Make sure your nails are clean, you smell good, your hair looks nice, and you are dressed in appropriate clothes--people notice these things.

2) Frame your flaws as strengths: Many employers like to ask you to list your weaknesses. Think of flaws that are “positive.” For example, “I am a perfectionist, so sometimes I need to be easier on myself” or “I am so hardworking that I forget how young I am.”

3) Tailor your answers to reflect the specific job you're applying for: When employers ask what your passions are, mention your interests that are related to the position. Applying for a writing internship? Speak about the journalism clubs you have been involved in in the past. Applying for a tech company? Speak about the website you created for fun. Don’t give a basic answer such as: “I like to listen to music, go the gym, and hang out with friends.”

4) Emphasize your experience in the field as well as your excitement to learn new skills in the area: If you are asked why you should be picked out of all the qualified prospects, stress your previous experience in the field--employers are busy and want to pick candidates that are going to adjust quickly. However, if you're applying for a position you have little experience in, stress the skills you are looking to learn.

5) Stress your role as a leader: When employers ask you about “the hardest decision you had to make in past month” or “a problem you had to solve” share a story that involved you being a leader. Employers like to see that you are involved in clubs and other jobs or internships, but you stand out more when you have a leadership position in the things you are involved in.

6) Ask your interviewer questions: Employers almost always ask if you have any questions at the end of the interview. Make sure to have at least one smart question to ask. For example, “Why do you like working here?” or “What are some success stories of past interns?” Show off the research you did on the company beforehand and ask specific questions that display your interest in it.

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