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6 Empowering Brands That Aim To Make You Feel Confident

I really enjoy shopping, and I have recently made an effort to shop in stores that are trying to do good in this world, especially when it comes to empowerment. I have always been a person who feels best in a cute outfit or when my makeup or skin is looking glowy. It is important for me to support brands that inspire people to find confidence in themselves, and these have been my favorite so far: 


Aerie carries bras, underwear, swimwear and apparel suitable for lounging and for comfort on the go. My favorite leggings are their Play Pocket High Waisted Leggings. They are incredibly soft and feel like butter on the skin, just like everything else that Aerie makes. In fact, as a whole, I can easily say that Aerie is my favorite store to shop at online and in-person.

Throughout the store, especially in the fitting rooms, they have empowering messages that encourage body positivity and self-love. I will never forget my first time in an Aerie dressing room. The mirror had a sheer curtain over it that read, “Before you love what you see on the outside, you have to love who you are on the inside.” Their whole brand radiates positivity, and their #AerieREAL campaign makes me feel confident. They showcase a variety of un-retouched models that range in size, skin color and age so that everyone feels accepted and confident in their clothes.


I subscribed to MeUndies last year because they claimed to have the world’s most comfortable underwear, and I can attest that it is true. They sell underwear and loungewear for all. They offer a variety of cuts and sizes (XS-4XL) so that customers can choose what is most comfortable and what will make them feel the most confident. You can even match with a significant other if you want to! Like Aerie, MeUndies has an array of models of different sizes and skin colors, and they feature couples of any sexuality as well. I also really like that they send empowering postcards with their packages. One that I received said, “Friendly reminder that you’re loved, you’re capable, and you’re smart. Oh, and you have a cute butt, too.” Everyone needs to hear stuff like that!

Girlfriend Collective

While this is the a brand that I have not tried, it is one that I have been wanting to try so badly! Girlfriend Collective is a sustainable activewear line that uses recycled water bottles and fishing nets to create their stylish apparel. They offer a rainbow of colors, and have the largest size range (XXS-6XL) out of all the brands mentioned here. They disclose all the model’s sizes, and customers are able to see what size could fit them best. On top of that, they sell a microfiber filter and microfiber bag that prevent microfiber from polluting the Earth’s waterways. They are guaranteed to make anyone feel good, especially because this brand is helping the planet as well.

Fenty Beauty

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line has changed the makeup game. It truly set the bar and standard for what it means to have an inclusive shade range for not only foundations, but for all makeup products in general. Fenty Beauty is marketed as “beauty for all,” and that truly shows in the gorgeous products. A personal favorite of mine is the Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer. As Rihanna has said, makeup is meant to be fun, and this brand has so much makeup to play with to make everyone feel confident!

Milk Makeup

Milk Makeup has been growing in popularity, and with good reason. This cruelty-free, paraben-free and completely vegan makeup and skincare brand continuously comes out with beautiful products to enhance everyone’s natural beauty. They stand for clean beauty that everyone- no matter their gender or skin color- is able to feel creative and confident in. I also love that they have cream products that mesh well with my dry skin! My favorite is their highlighter.

Julep Beauty

Julep is a makeup and skincare company that also focuses on clean and cruelty-free beauty. They encourage women to have fun with their makeup and explore what makes them feel beautiful. Their skincare line uses Korean skincare traditions make you glow! I have become a double-cleansing girl ever since I tried their Love Your Bare Face Cleansing Oil. It takes off all my makeup with ease, and the name itself makes me feel empowered in my own skin. I am also excited that they are now at Target, because that makes them accessible too!

Overall, these are some of my favorite brands, and I cannot recommend them enough after all the work they do to make people feel confident and beautiful. I also just recommend following them on their social media because they are always posting empowering and affirmative pictures or statuses that pick up my day. Try these brands out and give them support because they also support people in their self-love and body-positive journey!

Emily is a UCLA graduate with a degree in Communication Studies and a minor in Musicology. She is a huge skincare enthusiast as well as a fashion and makeup lover who likes to experiment with her style. When she has some free time, she can be found obsessing over music and musicians, painting or going outside to enjoy the sun.
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