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6 Emerging Latinx Artists You Should Listen To On Spotify Right Now

I have always been a fan of indie and alternative music because I love listening to artists who are doing something innovative. However, the top artists in these categories are predominantly White. This year, I made it a priority to seek out more Latinx music artists to see if there were any artists from my community. I was overwhelmed by how many talented Latinx artists I found who are taking on artistic risks and incorporating their culture into their work to make fresh, innovative hits. Here are my top six favorite Latinx music artists that I am so excited to share:

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Angelica Garcia

Virginia-based singer and songwriter Angelica Garcia was raised in the San Gabriel Valley of East LA and is of both Salvadorian and Mexican descent. She refers to herself as Salva-Mexican American. Angelica Garcia became widely known for her hit “Jamaica” in 2019 after former President Barack Obama chose her track for his 2019 year-end list. This year, the break-out star came out with her album Cha Cha Palace, which pays homage to her roots and upbringing in East LA. She was inspired to give visibility to more indie artists who look like her. All of Garcia’s songs are incredibly innovative and like nothing indie has seen in a while. My favorite song on the album was “Guadalupe” because of its innovative empowering message. The Virgin of Guadalupe is a symbol of Mexican Identity and faith, but it also represents Mexico’s colonial past and oppressive ideas about womanhood. Angelica’s lyrics reconceptualizes The Virgin Guadalupe into a powerful patriarch and feminist icon. It’s a total anthem that makes you feel powerful after listening.

070 Shake 

Danielle Balbuena, also known as “070 Shake,” is originally from New Jersey and is of Dominican descent. She was discovered by Kanye West after a friend of hers who knew Kanye showed him her music. Soon after, she was signed by Kanye’s label, GOOD music. This year, 070 Shake came out with her first album, Modus Vivendi, which was a true masterpiece and contains some of the most original songs I have listened to this year. She has been called one “among the most unique in contemporary rap.”


Duendita, also known as Candance Camacho, is a singer-songwriter from Queens, New York. Duendita is a soulful singer who both explores and embodies spirituality in her music. Her voice is angelic and she has so much range as an artist that every song offers something totally unique. She’s great to listen to if you are feeling stressed or in need of a good emotional release. 

Tatiana Hazel

Tatiana Hazel is a Los-Angeles based singer, songwriter and producer who is originally from Chicago. In an interview with Get It Girl, she explained how her new album DUALITY can be interpreted as both a break-up album and about a departure from her hometown. Hazel combines 80s electronic sounds and Latinx dream-pop rhythms, which gives her music a nostalgic quality. At the same time, her lyrics are deeply honest, making this album incredibly cathartic to listen to. 

Ambar Lucid

At just 19 years old, Dominican and Mexican-American singer, Ambar Lucid, is absolutely killing it in the music industry. She is also a powerful activist who has raised money for immigrant advocacy groups. Ambar has an incredible voice and sings in both English and Spanish. Nearly all her songs carry an empowering message about taking control of one’s life and contain a psychedelic rock flair. 

Daniela Andrade

Daniela Andrade is a Honduran-Canadian singer and songwriter who went viral for her covers on Youtube. Last year, she released her album Tamale and recently released her EP Nothing Much Has Changed, I Don’t Feel The SameTamale is deeply reflective and was inspired by watching the women in her family selling tamales to make extra money. Andrade takes these simple moments from childhood to create a cohesive story about family, identity and roots. Each song is special and done with care and intention. Andrade has a sultry and R&B quality to her voice that makes her music perfect to vibe to for pretty much any occasion. 

There were so many amazing Latinx artists this year, it was difficult to boil it down to just a few. Some other artists that you should check out include Omar Apollo, Arca, Kordelia, Y La Bamba, Empress Of, Maye and so much more. It’s exciting to see such a diverse range of artists making a change in the music industry. I hope that you liked the artists on this list and found at least one Latinx artist that you can continue to support. Happy listening!

Alexis Sanchez is a senior majoring in American Literature and Culture and minoring in Chican@/x Studies and is a Transfer Representative for HC at UCLA. She hopes to bring more marginalized perspectives into mainstream media.
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