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6 Easy Holiday Jobs To Make A Little Extra Money For Presents

The holidays can be stressful. You have to spend money on multiple family members and friends. Trying to come up with all that money for great presents can seem like a hassle, but here are a few fun jobs that will hopefully aleviate the stress. 

World Market 

Retail is always looked down upon, but in reality, it can make some of the most fun holiday jobs. At World Market, you can work up to 4-5 hours per day and enjoy a 25% discount on all of their goodies.


We love to take Ubers and Lyfts, but very few people actually think about driving them. 

Reasons to sign up:

– You can make as much as $26/hour

– You can keep 100% of your tips

– You get to choose your own schedule 

– New drivers get a $250 sign-on bonus if you give 100 rides within 30 days

– If you don’t have a car, you can rent one through the Express Drive program

Barnes and Noble 

This job could be great for book lovers. Although the holiday job is a little different than the regular job, it is still a lot of fun. Most holiday workers can earn their money at the store by wrapping presents for customers a couple hours a week. You would get paid for what you do for your family for free!

Walking Dogs

Walking dogs has never been easier. The app Wag! lets you sign up to be a dog walker for people around your area. You can earn up to $16 per hour, and the only requirement is that you have to love dogs. 

Movie Theater 

It seems like every teenager on TV or in movies works at the movie theater with all of their friends. The possibility of that happening during the holidays is very high. AMC theaters is looking for a seasonal ticket agent. Your responsibilities would be being in charge of tickets! 

Personal Shopper 

American Girl at the Grove is hiring people to help customers find their perfect doll and accessories. It is most little girl’s dream job: shopping for dolls, but getting paid to do so instead of paying for it. 

Make sure to check out and apply for these simple and low-commitment jobs if you are looking to make some extra money this holiday season. Making money has never been simpler and easier… 

Allison is a feature writer at UCLA who loves hanging out at the beach and eating any kind of dessert.
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