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6 Costumes You Need To Do With Your Bestie This Halloween

Boo! It’s October and Halloween is approaching faster than anyone can even imagine. ‘Tis the season for spooks and scares and maybe even some cute costumes! While it is fun to go solo with your costume, it’s even better to be part of a dynamic duo. With only a few days left, it’s time to start last-minute costume planning! Lucky for you, we have a list of 6 super cute and fun costumes you can do with your bestie this Halloween:

Cher and Dionne

As if! With their iconic 90s style, Cher and Dionne from Clueless are a staple for Halloween costumes. They are some of the original “it” girls and will help you make the perfect entrance to a party. For this costume, all you will need is your cutest plaid sets, some cute stockings or long socks, heels and accessories of course!

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Versions of Britney Spears

A personal favorite of mine, this costume takes after the queen of pop herself, Miss Britney Spears. Over the years she has had a plethora of iconic looks that leave such a wide option of looks to choose from. You could go with a classic “..Baby One More Time” school girl look or a sexy “Oops I did it Again” all red moment. Ms. Britney continues to serve so get creative with your looks.


If you’re looking for a trendy costume this year, then fairies are definitely the way to go! There are so many variations for this look from Winx Club, Tinkerbell or just a typical fairy. Grab your best friend or even multiple friends and run to your nearest Halloween store. With a cute pair of wings and a sparkly top, you can put this look together seamlessly. Throw on a mini skirt, some cute heels and boom! You and your friends will look like the cutest girl gang of fairy princesses.

Mean girls

Another staple movie look you can always go with is the classic Mean Girls ensemble. This is a super easy last-minute costume because the only dress code is to wear pink! If you’re feeling extra adventurous you can get the actual outfits from the movie such as Regina’s “A Little Bit Dramatic” shirt. Another way to spice it up is to do Mean Girls, but Santa edition and wear their iconic talent show performance fits. This whole costume is so fetch!

Some Form of Animal Ears

Taking from true Mean Girls fashion, you can also go with the classic “Lingerie and some form of animal ears” combo. While it may be a bit basic, it is basic for a reason! Throw on a cute little black dress and some cat ears and you’ve got a super cute last-minute fit that you and your bestie can rock all night long. Minimal effort, but maximum impact with this one!

Sun and Moon

Okay, hear me out on this last one. This is the perfect duo costume to do, especially if you are feeling creative. All you need is a gold dress and a silver one and matching accessories. If you can, get a starry headband to match! Also if you’re feeling extra creative, you can go all out with the makeup! Gold eyeshadow for the sun and silver for the moon, but in either case, lots of glitter! You’re guaranteed to be the hottest (get it?) at the party!

Hopefully, this gave you some spooktacular inspiration for this Halloween season! Whether you are dressed as a cute fairy or a stunning mean girl you are sure to excite this year! Get ready to go trick or treating, hit up a Halloween party, or even stay in with friends because these looks will be the perfect fit. So grab your cat ears, a cute pair of heels, and get to making the perfect costume!

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