6 Bruins Share Their Daily College Morning Routines

When I wake up in the morning, it’s usually a last-minute flurry and a dash off to class. People that live in my building, and whom I’ve only spoken to during fire drills, have asked if I am “that girl who runs out of our building every morning.” Sadly, yes, that’s me. I’m lucky to live at the bottom of the hill so my walks to class aren’t quite the same trek you’d have to make from Hedrick Summit. But living in De Neve doesn’t mean never being late in the mornings. My morning routine consists of rolling out of bed at the last possible moment and sluggishly making my way to my closet. If I’m lucky, I set out my clothes the night before and can quickly throw them on and brush my teeth before I’m out the door. If I’m unlucky, I have to rummage through my drawers by the light of my phone flashlight until I find something that hopefully matches before I can make it to class.  

While my mornings are often hectic and involve small chances of personal injury as I climb down my bed, many students here on campus have captured the essence of #adulting and have their morning routines down to the T. This week, I asked a few of our fellow Bruins what they do each morning to wake up, and this is what they said:

“Once I get up in the morning, I fill up my water bottle and wash my face. These two things help me wake up and continue to get ready for the day ahead.” ~ Briauna Archer, first-year, Biochemistry major.

“My day: fast-paced: wake up, brush my teeth, wash my face, put on contacts, daily skincare routine, then sunscreen, eyebrows, sometimes lashes. On lazy days, I just don’t do lashes at all. Then put on clothes, then get a coffee or earl grey tea latte and a bagel from Bcafe. Then class.“ ~ Julia Li, second-year, Applied Math major. 

“I lay out everything the night before so that I can do the bare minimum and rush to class when I wake up.” ~ Simi Panda, first-year, Neuroscience major.

“I use my phone in bed to wake up for about 10 minutes then get up to splash cold water on my face. Once I’m up, I watch videos on my laptop while I eat breakfast or drink cold brew coffee.” ~ Gina Maglanoc, first-year, Biology major. 

“Each morning after I wake up, I brush my teeth and generally get myself ready for the day. Then, I take the time to meditate for about 15 minutes. After meditation, I eat breakfast and drink some coffee before getting on with the rest of my day.” ~ Audrey Endres, second-year, Global Studies major.

“I set my alarm to wake me up an hour before my morning classes start. I usually lay in bed for the first couple minutes, checking notifications on my phone or scrolling through Instagram. After I get up, I go through the typical morning routine of brushing my teeth, combing my hair, washing my face, changing and packing my backpack for the day. I try to eat something like a poptart or granola bar, and fill up my water bottle before heading to campus for class. At that point, I am probably fast-walking because even though I wake up an hour early, I somehow always manage to run late.” ~ Tiffany Diep, first-year, Business-Economics major. 

Whether your morning routine classifies you as an early-bird or makes it clear that you are just not a morning person, hopefully you can see something here you can relate to. I might never be able to wake up early enough for a real breakfast in the morning, but then again, I guess there’s nothing like that adrenaline rush first thing in the morning to get me on my way to class.