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6 of The Best Moments From The Last Episode of “This is Us”

*warning – contains spoilers*

Each week, This is Us manages to provoke some kind of rich response from its viewers, without fail. Whether it urges you to think about the value of life and the weight that each small moment carries, or just straight up makes you bawl your eyes out, it’s safe to say this show does a great job at making you feel some type of way. 

This week’s episode revealed more pieces of Kevin and Kate’s past, some surprising information about William, and took us one step closer to finding out just what happened to Jack. 

Here are some of the best moments from this past week’s episode as we prepare for this upcoming Tuesday’s!

1. Toby’s face of utter shock when Kevin describes the “exhausting” step-by-step process of getting with essentially any girl he wants.  “It’s hard to believe we’re even the same species” a flabbergasted Toby says to Kevin after he breaks down the routine of meeting a girl, striking up a conversation and taking her back to her hotel room, rinsing and repeating. 

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2. When Randall spits the truth about the fact that it’s better to have 3 good friends than lots of fake ones.  In a flashback scene, Rebecca can’t handle the fact that only a few of Randall’s friends showed up to his birthday party, while Kevin had tons of friends show up for him. She worries she needs to switch schools for him and immerse him in a more accepting environment. But Randall assures her that having a few better friends is better than having a bunch of people there who aren’t really there for him. Preach, Randall. 


3. When William forces Randal to go on a journey with him to find the perfect pair of sunglasses.  William just may be the incarnation of the idea that you should cherish every little moment with the people you love. William, trying to find the perfect pair of sunglasses for himself, won’t allow Randall to drive them home until this mission of complete. Annoyed at first, the always sensible Randall patiently awaits his father; his facial expression clearly remembering the limited time William has on earth. 


4. When Kate teaches Jack how to do the signature Madonna “Vogue” Move.  Another moment of the flashback birthday shows Kate escaping to another room in the house, where she’s decorated her own Madonna themed party. When Jack finds Kate alone dressed head to toe in the 80’s icons attire, he of course is crushed to see Kate alone, but in his charming way, he’s able to put a smile on Kate’s face after asking her to teach him how to do the signature “Vogue” move.  

5. Kevin’s 3 sentences  Perhaps the biggest surprise of this episode was when Kevin shows up to the doorstep of who is believed to be just an ex girlfriend— but happens to be his ex-wife. After Toby tells him to go to the one he loves and deliver to her the three best possible sentences – Kevin does just that – but not to Sloane or Olivia, as we’d expect, but to his estranged ex-wife, Sophie. Although she was reluctant at first to meet with him and chat, those 3 sentences get Kevin a text from Sophie, perhaps giving him a second chance. 

6. … and when the flashback reveals the young, rambunctious Kevin loved Sophie all along.  Once again, the flashbacks come in to show us how Randall, Kate and Kevin’s childhood shaped them into the people they are today. We see Kevin spending nearly the entire birthday party to impress Sophie, and tells Rebecca and Jack that he loved her. His face when he read  her birthday card for him was absoultely priceless. 

image courtesy of NBC

Sarah Ahern is a sophomore at UC Irvine studying literary journalism. Aside from writing for HerCampus, she interns for the self-help website DreamitAlive.com. In her free time, she enjoys writing, playing tennis, and baking.
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