6 Amazing Female Music Artists You Should Blast During Quarantine

Let’s be honest, more and more of us are turning to the simple pleasures in life during this time of social distancing. One of the most simple ways to enjoy the day is to play some music. Sometimes music is meant for us to dance along to or sometimes we just need to zone out or rest our minds. No matter what we do when listening, music forms a soundtrack for our lives. Here are some women that can bring new levels to the playlists you are playing during quarantine:

  1. 1. Mitski

    Mitski is a Japanese-American singer-songwriter. She has become the voice for many young adults. She expresses the pain, loneliness, and confusion that comes with adulthood. Her song “Nobody” has become an accidental anthem during quarantine because many of us have felt extreme loneliness due to this pandemic.

  2. 2. Orla Gartland

    This Irish singer-songwriter got her start on Youtube. She has not released any albums, but she has a couple of EPs, all worth listening to. I loved her newest one, Freckle Season, especially. All of her music is very personal and very relatable. Orla’s music can also be heard in Hulu’s new smash show, Normal People.

  3. 3. Angelica Garcia

    Angelica Gracia is an alternative/indie singer who embraces her Mexican and Salvadorian roots. Her new album, Cha Cha Palace, is all about reassuring her Latin culture. I found her through NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert on Youtube, and I was immediately enamored with her music and her performance. Also fun fact, her song "Jícama", caught the attention of President Barack Obama who put the track on his 2019 year-end list.

  4. 4. Janelle Monáe

    Janelle Monáe is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, actress, and producer. I  have been a big fan of her for a very long time. Janelle’s music is innovative and always puts me in a creative mood.  She is very much influenced by Afro-futurism. This can be seen especially in her Afro-Futurist Emotion Picture, Dirty Computer. Anyone who listens to her multiple albums will be entranced by her ability to weave amazing stories through music. Janelle Monae’s music is also very revealing of America’s political, social, and economic issues that are becoming hard to avoid during this pandemic. 

  5. 5. Rina Sawayama

    Rina Sawayama is a Japanese-British singer, songwriter and model. She is now becoming more widely known because of her hit song, “XS.” The hit song, ironically, is about attacking capitalism and consumer culture. Her music is smart and innovative. Rina’s music will also make you want to dance, and, in these times, maybe start a revolution or two.

  6. 6. IYAMAH

    IYAMAH is a neo-soul singer from Brighton in England. I learned about her through a Spotify recommendation and I am so glad to have found her music. She has described her sound as a mix of soul, jazz, and reggae. IYAMAH’s music easily brings her listeners strength and a sense of clarity. I definitely recommend listening to her when you want to feel soothed. 

I hope these women inspire you during this stressful and lonely time.  Music is an art that allows many of us to not only escape but also explore ourselves. The time we are living in is very stressful, but music can be a great remedy. Now is the time to play music loud and proud. Dance, scream along with the lyrics, lie down and cry, or just work on passion projects while playing music in the background.