5 Weird Museums You Have to See

1. The Bunny Museum (Pasadena, CA)

When you walk up to the door of the Bunny Museum, owner Candace Frazee collects your “bunny money” and invites you to “hop on in”. And it only gets weirder from there. Thousands of bunny-related merchandise spans the walls, and a few live bunnies (and some cats) walk around as well. Trust me, this is something you’d have to see to believe.

2. The Museum of Death (Hollywood, CA)

It’s a good thing this museum doesn’t let you take pictures inside – it makes it that much more insane when you see it in person. The Museum of Death honors all things morbid, from serial killers to cults to funerals. Not for the weak of heart, some highlights include severed and shrunken heads, serial killer art, and autopsy photos of JFK. Don’t miss the two-headed turtle in the front room!

3. Museum of Sex (Manhattan, NY)

Ever wanted to jump around in a bounce house full of inflatable boobs? Well, this is your chance! This museum honors everything related to sex and the human anatomy, and is definitely not for anyone shy.

4. Museum of Jurassic Technology (Los Angeles, CA)

While the word “Jurassic” may conjure up images of dinosaurs and Chris Pratt, this museum is actually dedicated to various oddities from throughout history. The weirdest part of the museum is that none of the items actually have proof, leaving it to be decided whether or not they’re actually truthful. Pretty strange.

5. International Banana Museum (Riverside, CA)

Located in Riverside, this museum boasts the largest collection of the world’s most apeeling fruit. Stop by on your way to the Salton Sea and try a banana ice cream, soda, or shake!

6. International Cryptozoology Museum (Portland, MN)

This museum is dedicated to animals that have yet to be discovered – of course, making them impossible to display. Come visit Bigfoot and some of the other unknown creatures and decide for yourself whether or not they're real!

Photos by Museum of Death, InsideSoCal, Museum of Jurassic Technology, Piotr Redlinski, Robby Virus, and Jessica Leclair & Jason Bernth